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Welcome to SexualPerformanceTotal! For nearly a decade our experts within the sexual health field have dedicated themselves to providing you with top products to help sexual performance, enhancement and sexual health. We pride ourselves on our qualified and informative customer service, who will help you find the solution to even the most intimate of issues.

We provide multiple male sexual health products; tackling issues such as impotence, warts, premature ejaculation and penis enlargement. Our female sexual health products focus on areas such as vaginal problems, breasts size, libido and fertility.

It's a complete secret what's in your package when you order from us. We appreciate sexual performance and sexual issues can be embarrassing and not something you may want to share. Order in complete confidence and security and resolve your sexual health issues with SexualPerformanceTotal. We also offer next day delivery when you order before 4pm on any working day, so you can reap in the benefits sooner rather than later.