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Sexual turn offs for women

Men passionate about making love, take the whole process as a platform to vent out all their hidden creativity. From covering the bed with the layer of roses, to lighting the pleasant scented candles, they put in their best efforts in making the set ‘sex-perfect’. But in the process of doing bigger things, they miss out on smaller but extremely important things, which in fact can be major turn offs for their female partners.

Below explained are 4 major possibilities that can blow out the flame of love so, watch out before she grades you as a drive killer.

The Ugly Side of It

Appearance is one of the first things that determine her interest in getting the fun on. What is appealing to her eyes will encourage her heart and organs to get in sync with yours so, be sure to clean up well. Most women out there are hygiene freaks and love all things clean. But if your package, which is going to play a major role in the act is not perfectly clean, is bushy, or emits bad odour, then don’t be surprised if she starts to pull away. Wash up well before sex and yes, there are some instant penis refresh systems such as Velv’Or Manhood Penis Refresh that can further help your cause. In addition to penis care, take care of other essentials as well. Kill the sweat and get rid of the foul mouth odour.

The Aggression

There may be instances wherein you lose control over yourself and get all aggressive and racy. In such moments it may so appear that only you are getting all the joy while your partner perhaps may be feeling the discomfort and pain. Lovemaking is about being selfless in bed so please each other, focus on the pleasurable feelings and don’t rush. You can practice synchronized breathing or gaze in each other’s eyes to keep it tranquil yet pleasant.

The Cold and Selfish you

Don’t just lie their like a rock with your partner doing all the deeds. Not only is she delicate but, she also wants to see her man unleash into a romantic giver in bed and if you fail in that and make her do everything to you, she will lose the interest from it all. Treat her like a queen and pamper her well and, she will reciprocate with best of the moves that may even fire you up further.

Too much of Cologne

It may come as a surprise to many men but yes, too much scent can actually nauseate your partner. The deodorant ads have spoiled it for all and there definitely is no such thing as spray it on fully and your girl would be all over you. In the moments of extreme closeness, the scent gets to her too strongly and unlike what they say on the adverts, she will start to repel. So keep the dosage minimal and sufficient enough to keep her wanting for more.