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effective premature ejaculation treatment

Keeping your partner hanging out in the middle while you ejaculate just in seconds can be really embarrassing. However, what’s more embarrassing is the idea of going to doctor (we are not saying that it isn’t the right thing). Lead by this notion many men choose to treat the condition at home from the internet. However, many these so called ‘effective premature ejaculation treatments’ have originated from myths and offer almost nothing.

Here is a list of such tips that should be allowed to die and should not be followed at all.

  • Let time heal the problem
  • We came across a lot of blogs that were advertising the idea of leaving the condition as it is so time can heal it. It is an absolute myth and can worsen your condition in no time. Premature ejaculation symptoms are actually a sign that there is something wrong physically or mentally. And you need to address the problem soon enough.

  • A pill can help
  • A lot of people are selling treatment pills that are thought to delay ejaculation. But let’s think about this logically. Premature ejaculation is often a problem of hypersensitive penis nerves, which is something non-prescription pills can never address. Delay sprays and gels are a different story whole together. They reduce sensitivity topically.

  • Therapy sessions are useless
  • Problems of body are rarely associated with mind and that’s the reason why most men think that therapy sessions cannot be effective premature ejaculation treatment. Experts actually say that more than 50% of premature ejaculation cases are due to emotional and psychological conditions. How about that now?

  • Masturbation can help
  • You should consider two things here. Firstly, quick masturbation does not help with PE treatment and secondly good masturbation habits can actually help you. This one is a bit off the list but we are talking about the general notion of masturbating 2-3 times quickly to deal with the problem. Bad masturbation habit (with pressure on head and motive of ejaculating as quickly as possible) is one of the causes of problem.

  • Marijuana and cocaine can delay orgasm
  • At times substance abuse might help you with the problem but things are not that positive in longer run. Cocaine and marijuana can pose far greater health risks and increase chances of erectile dysfunction in the future. Not to mention heart failure.