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About Us

Helping you establish a healthy sexual performance is what we do best. For nearly a decade we have dedicated our time and market expertise to provide you with a carefully selected array of completely natural, safe and sought after products for a range of intimate and sexual issues.

Looking after you

We believe sometimes it’s the smallest changes that can make the biggest impact; and it’s true. Perhaps it’s a supplement to enhance your penis size or address vaginal issues, it could even mean a few minutes a day using one of our devices. Whatever system you choose to help your concerns, we know it will make a difference.

Each item in our range has been carefully selected from top brands and undergone rigorous research for their effectiveness and potent natural ingredients. We want you to change your life for the better and without any further delay.

The natural way

We completely understand the embarrassing and intimate nature of sexual performance issues. Like many other people, you may find going to a doctor to discuss about them to be awkward and inconvenient. At SexualPerformanceTotal, we provide hundreds of people every single day with a means to address their concern discreetly and in complete confidence.

When it comes to sexual performance issues and general sexual well being, the option of surgery is often available. Especially with regards to size related issues. There are also many drug-based formulas that claim to work wonders on sexual performance. However, not only are both these options costly, they can also have some significant side effects, that may end up doing more harm than good.

Our promise to you

Sexual performance concerns can be truly a nightmare and something you may not want to talk to others about them. We understand that the need for a fast, discreet and reliable delivery is essential and it is something that we continually provide for all of our customers on every single purchase. Feel rest assured that our complete range of payment methods is completely secure and very discreet. While our dedicated, friendly and qualified customer service team is on hand to answer any questions you may have.