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Andro-Penis Mini


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What is the Andro-Penis Mini and how does it work?

The Andro-Penis Mini is a result of years of research and medical studies. It is the only medical device designed for men whose penis size id less tan 8cm. The system and technology is the same as in the hugely effective Andro-Penis Gold, which has a 97.5% success rate.

The extender comes with a comfortable belt, which enables you to wear the device for long periods of time without causing discomfort, and the device is also discreet enough to be worn underneath clothing so that you can wear it in confidence knowing no one knows what you are doing. The device works by strengthening the muscles in your penis, so that over time and gradually your penis size is permanently increased.

When can I start seeing results?

As with any natural sexual enhancement product, the time it takes to see results will vary with each individual. Many customers have noticed that they're able to maintain a stronger and longer lasting erection within week of regular use and substantial increases in the size of their penis gradually over time. The most amount of growth will typically occur within the first four to five months of initial and regular use.

Are there any side effects?

The extender was designed and built to pass medical testing and therefore has no adverse side effects. Because the Andro-Penis Mini was built using high quality materials and with that in mind, they have created a device that's non-sensitive and non-irritant.

How do I order my Ando-Penis Mini?

Ordering our Andro-Penis Mini from Sexualperformancetotal.com is quick easy and convenient. When you place your order before 4pm on any working day, we can deliver your product to your preferred address the next day and don't worry about people knowing what you're buying because we've got that covered too. Our packaging is plain and discreet with no mention of what you've bought or our website. To begin, simply choose the 'Add to Basket' option.

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I was always concerned about my small penis but this device is a godsend! Fits and works a dream

Great little device! I wore it underneath clothing and next day delivery was very efficient. Thanks sexualperformcetotal

I would like to go in a bit of detail here. The built quality is great and I love that the device actually helps really small sizes. The thing comes with a dvd and I would also like to praise Sexual Performance Total for their efforts to keep delivery quick and discreet but I’ll deduct 1 point for non-availability of colours.

This looks delicate but it works very well for enhancement. I have had lots of pleasurable experiences after using this device.