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  • babystart Fertilcount ™ babystart Fertilcount ™
  • babystart Fertilcount ™ test of sperm concentration in semen babystart Fertilcount ™ test of sperm concentration in semen
  • babystart Fertilcount ™ FertilCount Male Fertilit Resulets babystart Fertilcount ™ FertilCount Male Fertilit Resulets
  • Babystart  FertilCount Male Fertility test
  • babystart Fertilcount ™ test of sperm concentration in semen
  • babystart Fertilcount ™ FertilCount Male Fertilit Resulets

babystart Fertilcount ™

The babystart Fertilcount will let you know your potential fertile period within minutes so that you can improve your chances of conception. By using the babystart fertility test, you can avoid the embarrassment of going to the hospital or clinic. All you need to do is collect a fresh sample of semen and do the test at home.

  • babystart Fertilcount can provide results within 15 minutes
  • This babystart fertility check can be conducted in the comfort of your own home, thus safeguarding your privacy
  • The product comes with 2 test packs
  • This simple and easy to use fertility test is known to be 97% accurate

babystart Fertilcount comes with a plastic cup, re-sealable pouch, a test cassette, a plastic dropper, 2 sample wells and a reference well.


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What is the purpose of using the babystart Fertilcount test?

Fertility levels and sperm motility can get affected due to various health reasons. Some common reasons include using steroids, excessive consumption of alcohol and nicotine, sitting for long periods of time, working around certain chemicals. The babystart Fertilcount test can help determine if these lifestyle choices are affecting your reproductive system.

How do I use babystart Fertilcount?

The babystart fertility test follows a step-by-step guide. Firstly, collect a semen sample by ejaculating directly into the plastic liquefaction cup provided in the kit. To get best results, it is advised that you do not ejaculate 3 days prior to doing the test. After collecting the sample, cover it with the lid provided and wait for 15 minutes before doing the test. Make sure you conduct the test within 12 hours of collecting the sample.

Take the re-sealable foil pouch in the babystart Fertilcount kit which contains the testing tools. Remove the contents and place the test cassette on a flat surface with the sample wells facing outwards. Hold and squeeze the plastic dropper at its midpoint. Then place the angled tip into your semen sample and release pressure slowly. The semen will get drawn into the dropper. Gently squeeze the dropper and add 1 drop of semen in Test Well B and allow it to soak for 2 minutes. Add 2 drops of the blue solution to the same Test Well. Let it soak for 2 minutes. Then add 2 drops of clear solution in to Test Well B and leave it to soak for 2 minutes.

How to understand the results?

Results can be determined by the colour and intensity of Test Well B in conjunction with colour of Well A which are found in the babystart Fertilcount pack. Results are positive if the blue colour seen in Test Well B is same or darker in Reference Test Well A. This will mean that your sperm count is equal to or greater than 20 million per ml. Result can be adjudged as negative if the colour in Test Well B is lighter blue in colour in Reference Well A. This will mean that your sperm count is less than 20 million per ml, which is clinically termed as low sperm count.

What to do if I’m unsure about the results shown by the babystart Fertilcount pack?

If you are using the babystart fertility check for the first time, then you should also take the second test provided within the babystart Fertilcount pack. If both the tests give you a positive result, then your sperm count is equal or greater than 20 million per ml. If either or both tests show negative result, it is advised that you consult a doctor for a full semen analysis test.

How do I order my babystart Fertilcount test pack?

Place an order on Sexual Performance Total before 4pm on any working day to get the product delivered to you the next day.

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I needed something which would give me instant results. With Fertilcount, I could get results within 15 minutes in the privacy of my home. What more could I ask for!

Running around fertility centers and doctors tired me. That’s when I got home babystart Fertilcount. It really worked well on my confidence.

My husband was very scared to undergo this test and avoided it many times since he did not prefer to go to a clinic. Thank god I found this Fertilcount which is so easy and not unnerving.

Now I and my wife can dream of having a baby as we have cleared all the required tests without going to the clinic!

This test provided me quite accurate results as I re-checked it at fertility center afterwards. So get this test done if you are in doubt.