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  • Bathmate Hydrodouche Bathmate Hydrodouche
  • Bathmate Hydrodouche Bathmate Hydrodouche
  • Bathmate Hydrodouche
  • Bathmate Hydrodouche
  • Bathmate Hydrodouche

Bathmate Hydrodouche 

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Bathmate Hydrodouche is made of premium quality materials to provide you with top-notch douching needs safely and easily. This douche system not only provides the ease of use but, is also proven effective in thoroughly cleansing your rectum and hence, has become one of the most preferred designs by men who wish to enjoy non-messy anal fun.

  • Bathmate Hydrodouche is hailed as the first generation douche system
  • Can be used both, before or after anal sex or, for health benefits
  • A user friendly device offers deep cleansing benefits
  • Cleanses your rectum thoroughly, leaves you feeling clean and empty
  • Made from tested skin-safe and medical grade materials

Bathmate Hydrodouche is a uniquely designed, simple to use device that can assist in the effective cleaning of your rectum so that you can enjoy anal fun without worrying about mess. This advanced douching system besides offering fast cleansing results, is also easy, discreet and quick to assemble.

How is the Bathmate Hydrodouche different from other anal douche systems?

The exceptional features of this advanced anal douche system make it user-friendly and all the more effective than most other devices of similar nature.

  • Unlike most other basic designed douche systems that can be time consuming and require you to remove, refill and re-insert repeatedly, this large transparent plastic water chamber saves time and can be refilled constantly while in use.
  • The nozzle/wand (the part that is inserted into the body) that comes with the Bathmate Hydrodouche is quite long in comparison to other systems. The longer nozzle benefits you by introducing water much deeper into the rectum so that it gets cleaned thoroughly. Moreover, it is made from a flexible material that allows it to flex easily along the bends in the colon.
  • The transparent hose is also extremely long and thus, offers you the convenience of douching in any favourable position. In fact, you can also use it while lying down.
  • It is common for most bulb douche devices to trigger backwash, a situation whereby water gets sucked back out of the rectum into bulb, but with the Bathmate Hydrodouche, this is not the case.

How do I use Bathmate Hydrodouche?

It is extremely easy to use Bathmate Hydrodouche. Just follow the below mentioned steps for thorough douching.

  • After assembling the device, attach it to your showerhead and fill the chamber with water.
  • With the flow regulator attached on the hose, control the amount of pressure and set it to the level that suits you the best.
  • Once the anal douche wand is inserted completely, start releasing the pressure, preferably at lower levels until you get the hang of the whole procedure. This will prevent you from making constant trips to the toilet.

A tip- For a smooth insertion of the anal douche wand, apply the lubricant provided directly onto your anus.

Components in Bathmate Hydrodouche box

  • Adjustable securing strap
  • Mounting Bracket/Hydro Wand Holder
  • Hydro Chamber
  • Chamber Connecter
  • Flow regulator
  • Hydro Wand/nozzle
  • Hydro Wand Connector
  • Hose

Is Bathmate Hydrodouche safe?

Another feature that sets the Hydrodouche apart from other designs is the fact that it is made of high quality skin-safe materials. Each material is thoroughly tested for its efficiency, durability and user comfort. Hence, it should be safe to say that the Bathmate Hydrodouche is a skin-safe douching system. However, to ensure further safe results, it is advised that you use the douche just as recommended in the instructional video. Also, avoid douching too often otherwise the optimum balance of natural gut flora will get disturbed.

How do I clean the Bathmate Hydrodouche?

This user-friendly douching system is very easy to clean. Simply dip all of the components of Bathmate Hydrodouche in warm soapy water and scrub gently. For best results, use the Bathmate cleansing kit to clean the deepest and most intricate of areas of the system.

How do I buy?

To place your order with SexualPerformanceTotal, start by clicking on the “Add to Basket” option and proceed accordingly. Besides offering the quick and easy procedure to place an order, we also keep your privacy needs intact with us and deliver the Bathmate Hydrodouche to you in plain and discreet packaging. Also, remember that if your order gets placed with us by 4pm on any working day, you can receive the delivery as early as the next day in the UK.

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Samson69 says:

I and my boyfriend are complete hygiene conscious people and before we have sex, we make sure we are clean completely and this Hydrodoiuce for us is the best way to go about it.

Jacques says:

I have unwavering faith in Bathmate products and I use its Hydrodouche to maintain a healthy colon and to have healthy and hygienic anal fun! and yes, it works just as effectively as any other Bathmate product.

Josh F says:

I have tried using two douche devices before but honestly none of those two worked as superbly as Bathmate Hydrodouche.