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Bathmate Information

Penis pumps have been synonymous to male enhancement for many decades. But since the introduction of the first air-based vacuum design, they have come a long way. Today there are many variants of penis enlargement pumps in the UK offering features you probably couldn’t imagine of a few years ago.

And amongst the popular ranges, Bathmate is a popular choice for men worldwide.

What is the Bathmate pump range?

With the launch of Hercules, Bathmate decided to offer something completely unique to the enlargement market. This was a one-of-a-kind hydraulic pumping device, which created a vacuum using a combination of air and water, as opposed to the classic air-vacuum technology.

Right now, this Bathmate UK range offers you three distinct yet effective products, i.e. Hercules, Hydromax and Goliath. They are distinct in terms of size and features being identical in core technology.

What are the benefits of these pumps?

Bathmate pumps score over the traditional designs in more than one way. Water vacuum offers more pressure, more power with even distribution. Water also acts as a lubricant. The designs are waterproof and can be used in a bathtub or in a shower.

In fact, each design has a different set of benefits. For example, Hercules is lightweight, affordable and suitable for men with an average size. Hydromax offers advanced comfort and safety features with more power while the Goliath is for men with a more-than-average size.

Moreover, these pumps can increase the size of your penis permanently and have also been recognized as a support system in erectile dysfunction treatments.

Why should you choose Bathmate?

The brand is trusted across the world and has helped thousands of men deal with size issues. Hailed as the maker of safest designs around, Bathmate in the UK knows no bounds.

Furthermore, it is a design for every adult male looking for sexual support. The products are easy to use and freely available online.