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Experts say that it is most difficult to understand female sex drive. In fact online articles cannot stop telling how different factors affect urge and you have little control over them. Although there are many different female sex drive supplements and other similar products on the market, a majority of them fail to offer anything.

That is exactly where you will find some in-depth information handy. We aim to provide you a complete guide on the topic and help get better treatment options that can be tried at home.

Female Sexual Dysfunction and Low Sex Drive

Amongst the most feared sexual conditions in women, dysfunction and low sex drive are at the top of list. According to recent researches, almost fifty percent of women in UK face one of these problems at certain point of life and do not really know what to do about it.

The most common symptoms of female sexual dysfunction include vaginal pain during intercourse, loss of sex drive, inability to get aroused and reach orgasm. On the other hand, female sex drive problems are limited to inability to feel aroused and maintain arousal levels during intimate moments. In ability to reach orgasm is also a symptom of this condition. Before we move to tips to buy female sex drive pills over the counter in UK it will be helpful to take a look at common causes for the condition.

Hormonal Issues

Hormones play a very critical role in defining the course of your life. And when it comes to reproductive organs, hormonal importance is magnified several times. Whether it is about low levels of estrogen during menopause or imbalances due to certain medications, you can always blame hormones during such issues. In fact a majority of women, who suffer from sexual dysfunction or decreased sex drive, are detected with these issues.

Emotional Issues

Sexual arousal as much a mental function as it is physical. Although many people choose to overlook psychological and emotional factors in such conditions, you should better be aware. Has there been a loss recently in the family? Do you fear something? Has your partner cheated in the past? There can actually be many things that can make you upset or not ready to indulge.

Physical Issues

These are amongst the top reasons why people buy female sex drive pills over the counter in UK. A variety of changes in your body can lead to decreased sex drive. Whether it is something as small as headache and menstrual cycle or something grave as arthritis and blood pressure, there are plenty of things that need to be taken care of.

Uncertain Orientation

Although this is not one of the most common reasons for loss of interest in sex, a lot of therapists are reporting the increase of such cases. If a woman is uncertain of her sexual orientation due to guilt or any other factor, it is likely to create several problems, suppressing your urge.

Pills to Treat Sexual Dysfunction and Low Sex Drive

Coming to the cures, you might have heard of the several options claiming all kinds of sexual troubles quite easily. But did you know that the majority of people who buy female sex drive pills over the counter in UK prefer herbal supplements.

A simple search on such options will fetch you hundreds of products in the current market. Gold Max for women and Viafem are amongst the most noted ones. You can easily purchase them to deal with common sexual issues easily and discreetly but we are going to tell you about tips that can boost benefits.


No matter what kind of supplement you are going to take, water will make an important part of the process. It not only helps body absorb the herbal ingredients pretty quickly but also removes toxins that can harm reproductive system. Most of the popular supplements suggest that you should drink at least 8 glass of water daily being on the pill course. However, we recommend that you also look into lifestyle factors before taking any absolute quantity of water. Plus, it is also important to stay clear of dehydrating conditions and drink choices.

Quit Smoking

Do you need to hear again why smoking is dangerous for your entire reproductive system? Women are actually at greater risks and that’s why you need to start working on it. Simply buying female sex drive pills over the counter in UK might not be enough if you are not ready to work on tobacco habits.

Lose Weight

Light to moderate level of activity will also help you on the course to better sexual life. A careful control over diet and fitness regime will help you feel better and also improve blood circulation in the body.