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sex life

While erotic literature has been around for tens of years, it has certainly blasted back on to our bookshelves and into many people's bedrooms with the release of 50 Shades of Grey two years ago.But what exactly could a naughty novel do for your sex life?

Dirty dialogue

While many individuals may prefer to limit themselves to the odd moan or groan, many people harbour a secret fetish for a bit of dirty talk between the sheets.

Especially if it is your partner who is more into cheeky chatter - and you are perhaps less forthcoming when it comes to being more vocal in the bedroom - spending some time reading an erotic novel might give you some ideas of things to say. It's not always easy to know exactly what the sort of lines are that turn people on - and even harder to recall them when you're in the throes of passion!

Getting used to the sort of language in an erotic novel will help you to feel more relaxed about the idea of dirty talk and before long, it will be quite simply rolling off your tongue.

What's more, reading such language could simply give you the confidence to explore your sexuality more and indulge in behaviour which you had hitherto not thought was something you would enjoy.


A sexy story could give you some great ideas in the bedroom more generally - in addition to giving you some tips about things to say. While some acts may be more fantastical and tending towards fetishes than others, reading about them in a novel could be the perfect avenue for you to bring up with a partner that you might like to consider trying something new and a little more daring, perhaps.

Furthermore, characters in the book may indulge in sexual behaviour and acts that you had never even heard of before, which - when you think about it - you rather fancy reenacting yourself.

Reading a quick page on the bus on the way home or just before bed could help to get you in the mood so that as soon as you see your partner, you're ready for some fun - keeping your sex life healthy and active.

Additional benefits

Reading is good for us - that much is evident. Keeping our mind and our brains active is good for general overall health, which in itself can transfer to other aspects of our lives. If you're not much of a fan of classical literature, reading an erotic novel could be the perfect way for you to garner all of the benefits of reading without having to trawl through hundreds of pages of boredom!

The great thing about books of this kind is that there really is something for everyone - whether you are straight, gay, bi, transgender, single, in a relationship, married, kinky, conservative or just downright horny. You are sure to be able to find something that's just right for you!