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If you have been with the same sexual partner for a while, it can be easy to unwittingly slip into a monotonous routine and see the fire and passion that ignites a healthy and active sex life lose its spark. However, there are many things that couples can try that could see their sex life turned around almost instantaneously, which could help bring them closer together outside the bedroom, as well as in the sack.


Foreplay is extremely important as this prepares you for intercourse with your partner. Not only will it cause the body to produce natural lubricants which will physically aid sex, but it will also mentally prepare you and 'get you in the mood', so to speak.

Foreplay can take many forms from kissing, cuddling and stroking to groping, nibbling and full-blown dry-humping. Oral sex is one of the more popular precursors to full-blown intercourse.

Making sure that you invest a sufficient amount of time in gearing each other up before the main event could see you both enjoying sex together far more as a result, with the anticipation only heightening your desire for each other.

Lubrication and condoms

While some men find that condoms reduce sensation thereby rendering them an unfavourable sexual aid, some novelty condoms - such as ribbed ones - could prove to be a lot of fun as the ridges present additional stimulation, making them well worth a try for people looking to spice things up.

One problem hampering your sex life may be that your body isn't producing enough natural lubrication, causing the experience to be downright uncomfortable. If you find this has been bringing down your libido, you may benefit from investing in some lubrication. Some water-based lubricants will be safe to use with condoms - perhaps new ones you are trying together - while others which are flavoured could add some fun to oral sex.

Individuals can also buy lubricants that produce a tingling or warming sensation, which some might enjoy.

Cock rings

Cock rings worn over the shaft and scrotum are used primarily to stem the flow of blood, which can make the erection last for a longer period of time. It can also cause the wearer's orgasm to be more prolonged, potentially heightening the sensation.

To boost the pleasure it can give, some might like to try a vibrating cock ring as the sensation can pass to the wearer's partner. Some rings even have a protruding element designed to stimulate the vulva, clitoris or anus during intercourse, adding to pleasure for the other party too.

Do your exercises, ladies

One thing which women can do to improve sex with a male partner is pelvic floor exercises. The best way to describe this is to clench and unclench the muscles down there as if starting and stopping peeing. This will strengthen these muscles and, once familiar with the sensation, if done during intercourse will gently squeeze and relax over the shaft of the penis - a popular technique with many women to improve their sexual repertoire.

Mix it up

Everybody knows there is a wealth of positions for penetrative sex - many with all sorts of weird and wonderful names, from the mermaid to the spider web. While some look like feats of acrobatic genius, it could be fun to try out some new positions. While you may collapse in fits of giggles getting your leg over - quite literally - for many of them, you might just discover an exciting way to please each other that can be incorporated into your routine to spice things up.