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Pheromone perfumes for sex

Amongst the most unique sex aids on market today is the pheromone perfumes, which are increasingly gaining wide popularity. The speciality of such perfumes lies in their interesting science that assists you in attracting your special someone easily. Wondering what this science really is and what are pheromones? Well, pheromones are what your body releases when you find someone potentially attractive. These tiny molecules act as messengers that influence the subconscious of your crush in a way that he/she finds themselves charmed by you. But with age, your body secretes less of pheromones; thereby making it difficult for you to attract the person you want. Here comes in the role of quality pheromone perfumes, which can help you reinstate any lost pheromones.

Be it at parties or a date with special someone, such perfumes can give your charm a much-needed sexual boost. But in order to make the most from such perfumes, be sure to invest in the right product. Explained below are 4 factors that must be considered before buying pheromone perfumes for sex.

The scent

There are several companies that make pheromones over fragrant. However, an overbearing smell can in fact have the opposite effect and repel people. Therefore, be sure to test the fragrance before you buy. It’s odourless to only faintly fragrant perfumes that can provide the best results.

Lasting benefits

Perfumes that work only faintly and that too for a few minutes are not worth buying. Pheromones need adequate time to provide satisfying results, so be sure to invest in products that provide results that last for several hours or at least until you end your fun for the night.


The effectiveness of a product lies in its potency levels. There are various products on market that are injected with just a teeny bit of pheromones only for the sake of being called pheromone systems. Such products more often than not provide no results at all. Therefore, be sure to thoroughly research about the product you intend to buy and know if it contains an adequate quantity of pheromones.

Prefer quality over price

There are several poor quality pheromone systems that do not provide the desired results, but hold potential of triggering unwanted side effects. Sellers and manufacturers of such products generally sell them at a lower price in order to make more money quickly and attract customers by making extraordinary claims about their products. Therefore, be sure to invest in products that are well known on market and well trusted for their quality. High-quality products are more likely to be slightly expensive considering the exclusive and careful formulation process they generally go through. However, it is also safe to say that there are products that are popular, high in demand yet moderately priced. Investing in such products would definitely be a wise thing to do.

Type of pheromones systems

There are generally two types. Type one is for men to attract potential females whereas type two is for the opposite sex to attract male mates. But, did you know that pheromones are not just a thing for heterosexuals, as these scents work well for homosexuals as well. Therefore, there have also been prepared pheromone systems specifically for homosexuals and can help them experience some extra fun. One of such products is Sex Appeal Woman-2-Woman Pheromone Spray, which aids women to sexually attract other women.