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When it comes to preventing undesired pregnancy, condoms are the highly sought after and trusted means of contraception. But being an effective birth control is not the only positive feature of condoms as these contraceptives to a great degree also provide you protection against Sexually Transmitted Infections.

This dual-benefit providing contraception method is by far the most convenient and safe to use method and therefore is readily available on market. However, the efficiency rate of these contraceptives also depends on their quality. While there are various brands out on market claiming their own positives, there is one brand that has stood strong for about 75 years now. Durex condoms are highly trusted owing to the fact that each of these samples is tested for its strength electronically.

However before going on a condom hunt, one must understand certain basics about this super effective contraceptive method in order to be able to derive maximum benefits from using it.

Using Condoms

Sure, condoms help in eliminating chances of unwanted pregnancy and provide protection against Sexually Transmitted Infections to a certain extent, but you can benefit from all these features of condoms only if use them correctly. There are people who despite using condoms invite pregnancy or STIs and the reason behind this discrepancy is the improper use of condoms and so for a condom to work properly, one must make sure that following mentioned steps are taken care of.

  • Squeeze the air out from its tip before using it
  • Avoid using it with oil-based lubricants
  • Avoid using multiple condoms at once
  • Don’t use it post its expiration date
  • Don’t leave it exposed to extreme temperatures
  • Leave room at its tip

One must be a smart user of condoms and should use condoms after doing thorough research on how to wear them to make sure that the partners remain protected against any unwanted conditions.

Choose The Type Wisely

There are very many variations available in condoms so choose the one that suits you the best. These variations occur in form of sizes, types, materials and methodology of using them. So next time when you go out to buy male condoms, judge beforehand what type will be the most comfortable for you and your partner, after all sex should provide only pleasure and no toward feeling and unwanted happenings should occur through it. Some of the variations that you may look for when considering buying condoms are:

  • Female Condoms: It is an internal condom that is inserted into the vagina for safe sex. However, these condoms make sex pleasurable and safe not only for women but also for those men who do not find perfectly fitting male condoms.
  • Lubricated Condoms: Lubricated condoms and/or water based lubrication not only makes it less likely for a condom to break but also makes sex more pleasurable.
  • Latex-free Condoms: Though most male condoms are made of latex there are other alternatives too that can provide protection against STIs, especially for those who are allergic to latex.