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Did you know that testosterone, an important male hormone, decreases each year after age 30? Testosterone is considered as the force behind a man’s sexual drive, for it is testosterone only that brings the significant changes in a man once puberty hits him. Be it the hair growing on chest, deepening of voice, building up of muscle or boost in the size of penis and testes, all this is an outcome of testosterone.

The sexual drive in a man is also a result of this important hormone and this is why when there occurs a drop in testosterone level, man’s desire for sex takes a dip too.

Low testosterone production or Hypogonadism is a condition which if occurs during puberty, not only will the normal growth be deterred but the man may also run the risk of growing overly long limbs, enlarged breasts and may even sport undeveloped genitals.

Hypogonadism has two types, Primary Hypogonadism and Secondary Hypogonadism. While primary one is caused due to underactive testes that do not produce sufficient testosterone required for optimal growth, secondary hypogonadism is caused if pituitary gland or hypothalamus suffers any damage as these glands control the hormone production.

Simply put, two of the general causes of low testosterone levels are:

  • A disrupted signal from brain (if the brain thinks there is enough testosterone in the body it can signal testes to cut its production) or/and
  • A defect or damage in the testes

However, besides the above stated causes, it is natural for the testosterone levels to go down in men as they age. Some of the usual symptoms in men producing low levels of testosterone are:

  • Low energy levels
  • Low muscle mass
  • Infertility
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Loss of Bone Mass
  • Breast growth, and
  • Slow hair growth or loss of hair

Some of the common psychological problems that men usually suffer from when they are affected by the same condition are:

  • Mental Fogginess
  • Significant decrease in sexual drive
  • Fatigue
  • Depression

Are There Any Effective Remedies For Low Testosterone?

Since low testosterone is a common condition that has an adverse impact on sexual life of men, there are a lot of effective solutions that can help increase the level of testosterone significantly, thereby not only promoting good health in men but also enabling them to make the most out of their sexual life.

Out of various products, Testograin in the UK is a highly popular and one of the most preferred products to boost testosterone levels. An effective supplement, Testograin stimulates the hormone production, and thus following its course, one not only increases the drive for sex but also the energy levels.

However, besides various effective supplements available out on the market, there are other natural ways such as eating natural foods, getting sufficient sleep, maintain a healthy weight, regularly working out to remain active and taking control of stress through which one can boost his testosterone production.