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Do you engage in sex just for the heck of it? If so then let me tell you that you are not alone in this as according to The Sexual Advice Association, around 50% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction. Fortunately though, this condition is treatable (with solutions such as sexual enhancement pills for females, gels, creams, etc.) and hence it is about time that women stop shying away from discussing their problems with their doctors and partners and try to find the solution.

Sexual problems in females such as subdued sexual desire, inability to become aroused, inability to reach climax, pain during intercourse, etc. are not only problems by themselves but together or individually, sometimes these can also be symptoms to a major condition called Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD), that can lead women to lose interest in sex or any related activities, entirely.

Thus, when a woman consumed by such feelings tries to engage herself in sexual intercourse, both she and her partner are not able to garner the feeling of utter satisfaction and pleasure that sex usually brings. Let us look into some of the main sexual problems a little deeply.

Inhibited Sexual Desire

If you are constantly feeling a lack of interest or desire for sex then it is chiefly due to hormonal changes, certain medical treatment you may be going through or/and even routine sex can lead to reduced enthusiasm in the act. Also, psychological factors such as stress of work, depression and fatigue, can lower your interest in sex.

If you too feel disinterested in sex, shy no more as there are various solutions available out on the market now. One of such effective solutions, Lady Prelox pills are highly trusted pills that reportedly can increase you sexual desire by up to 125 times!

Inability to Feel or Become Aroused

The inability to feel aroused in women is more often related to insufficient vaginal lubrication. At times it may also be an outcome of inadequate stimulation or anxiety.

Inability to Reach Orgasm

Not being able to reach orgasm or climax (anorgasmia) is usually caused as a result of inexperience, lack of knowledge and sexual inhibition. Chronic diseases and their treatment, insufficient stimulation and psychological factors such as guilt, anxiety or a past traumatic sexual experience, too can deter you from reaching climax.

Pain during Sex

Various factors such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, vaginitis and STDs can be responsible for pain during sex, a condition medically known as vaginismus whereby the muscles surrounding the vaginal entrance spasm involuntary, thus causing pain.

How Can Sexual Problems in Women Be Treated?

Almost up to a reported 43% of women are victims of sexual problems. But since sexual problems are now entirely treatable, women should break out of their shy zone and start looking for remedies. Be it various gels, sprays, lubricants, creams or pills such as Provestra female libido pills and Gold Max for Women (to name a few), they all strive to deliver high results by significantly increasing sexual desire in women and thus enabling you to enjoy sex just the way it is meant to be.