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contraception options

You might be aware that there are 15 methods of contraception available to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The web is replete with information on each kind to help you decide which method is right for you given your condition and age. Condom is the most common contraception option you could choose no matter which category you fall into.

  • For protective sex: One of the most common reasons why people are increasingly seeking contraception is to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Also, the rise in sexually transmitted infections (STIs) has led to increased awareness regarding protective sexual measures. Irrespective of age and gender, most people carry a condom for sexual pursuits to protect themselves from such adversities.
  • For teenagers: Take charge of your health by becoming more aware of protection options before you get into the excitement of sex. Apart from considering the benefits of abstinence for now, you must think of using a condom. If your partner is not comfortable with condom then abstain from it rather than taking the risk and having to opt for birth control pill. Vaginal rings are complicated too. So, it is better to get your boys to use the condom even if its uncomfortable to you.
  • For women after child birth: You could choose to use condoms which are the easiest type of contraceptive to use. It is a good choice if you are breastfeeding and do not prefer to take hormones. It can also be a preferred method if you wish to have the freedom of having sex without having to insert a device or apply something beforehand to your body.
  • For men of any age: There are invasive methods available for men to resolve their insecurities regarding unprotected sex, however, most men prefer condoms for ease of use and availability. Five birth control options are available for men – abstinence, condoms, outer course, vasectomy, and withdrawal. It must be pretty clear as to why most men choose condoms. Among those available in the UK, Durex condoms are most preferred. The brand offers Performax Intense Condoms which help you last longer to enjoy better sex.