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treatment for infertility in women

Heavens fall upon you when you suspect infertility and while you undergo the self-denial phase and emerge into acceptance of your fate, you are faced with several other situations that test your willpower and patience. The emotional impact caused by infertility in women is far-reaching. It affects many facets of life. Treatment for infertility in women is multi-faceted as it only requires physical but mental attention as well. The emotional upheaval is likely to trigger many questions in your mind. A few of them are stated below along with possible solutions on how to cope with them:

  • “What have I done to deserve this?”
  • One of the first questions to plague your mind is this. Many women suffering from fertility issues would ask themselves this question. Negative behaviours and thoughts are not uncommon during this phase. Women try to connect their condition with something they might have done in the past. The feeling of guilt, then, becomes overwhelming. They may regret a few decisions relating to their career and education which may have deferred their plans of extending their family.

  • “I can’t stand the sight of pregnant women and baby strollers!”
  • This feeling is often experienced by women who accept the bitter fact but are engulfed in the sadness caused by it. A gush of negative emotions takeover and tend to increase your worry and anxiety about motherhood. You need to manage new ways of managing your intense emotions. Here are a few.

  • Handling the disappointment of getting your period
  • Each time you visit the doctor’s office you wish that it is likely to be your last month of medical treatment. Your anxious wait results in return of your periods and pushes you into sadness, disappointment and tears. Though distraction does not help you to get pregnant, you need to work on ideas that take you away from the pain. Indulge in activities that require complete attention and also are fun for you.

  • Answering painful, thoughtless and insensitive questions
  • Sometimes even close and well-meaning friends and family ask inappropriate questions that may hurt you. You begin to isolate yourself so as to avoid seeing them. What could help you is someone going through the same problem. There’s a lot of bliss in sharing problems and knowing that you are not alone. Find an online friend or opt for counseling to vent out your pain.

  • Treatment for infertility
  • While you are coping with the condition emotionally, check for treatment options available for women. A dietary supplement that could get you back on track with natural ingredients that work on improving your reproductive health could be an ideal solution, if you wish to keep it discreet and do not prefer artificial drugs. Fertility Blend for Women comes with a mix of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and herbs to improve your chances of conception. Let chaste berry, green tea, selenium, and Vitamin E help you get over your distress.