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dealing with sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction is a neglected and poorly defined term. While several factors may impede sexual response cycle, wherein physical and mental stimulation play equal role, there are only few which are considered and for which treatment is sought. While the root cause of dysfunction could be singular or multiple, dealing with it effectively is important. Also, getting your partner to be involved in the act is essential for both of you to enjoy a pleasurable session.

The vascular theory:

This theory states that decrease in blood flow to the pelvic region due to medical condition, ageing, stress, or hypoactive sexual desire, can reduce the sensitivity of clitoris, causing dryness and impairing arousal mechanism. Decreased blood circulation is associated with medical conditions such as diabetes and atherosclerosis. This concept has given rise to the introduction of topical solutions which when applied to the clitoris cause vascular dilation, enhanced blood flow, and vascular congestion, all of which are associated with the arousal stage. This increases sensitivity leading to arousal eventually. The aim of Intense Clitoral Stimulating Gel is just that. With certified organic ingredients, the formula spices up your foreplay by increasing sensitivity of the clitoris so that you experience pleasure of penetration followed by intense orgasms. Without using prescription drugs or chemical stimulants, any woman seeking sexual support to overcome dysfunction can feel safe using this product which tackles vaginal dryness, lack of lubrication and hormonal changes with its natural ingredients.

The hormone theory:

This second concept focuses on dealing with sexual dysfunction which occurs due to decreased levels of sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. The reduction of these hormones in the body usually occurs due to ageing. Some women seek hormone replacement therapy to increase their sexual desire. Testosterone, which is primarily a male sex hormone, plays a crucial role in women’s sexual functioning and development. Following biological events such as menopause or hysterectomy, women experience diminished sexual desire, lack of sensitivity and absence of sexual fantasies. This happens due to low levels of estrogen in the body.

Dissatisfaction theory:

One of the most common reasons that a woman is unable to bring herself into the sexual act is neither psychological nor physical. Even medical conditions are not the reason. Women are likely to experience sexual dysfunction due to lack of proper communication with their partner. If her partner does not know ways to stimulate her and she is too embarrassed to let him know that, then neither of them can experience a healthy sex life. This leads to unsatisfactory sex until both can put up with it. But eventually it leads to other medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress and aversion to sex. Not to mention – infidelity, which can damage the relationship altogether. Poor communication by both partners results in men not knowing how to stimulate a woman. The secret of G-spot comes in handy at such times.

G-spot is a mystifying region in the vagina of the woman’s body wherein lies the pleasure button. Once you know how to master it you will be able to provide her with intense orgasm that she missed out so far. To help you do this, popular Discover G Spot Stimulating Gel comes in handy. Its natural ingredients help increase sensitivity of G-spot so that your partner gets the best oral sex she was looking for. Moreover, this gel could be a suitable gift for her as it is useful for oral sex too. When you join in, it can be used in conjunction with a condom. It is free from harmful chemicals such as DEA, parabens, and glycerine which may cause vaginal irritation in some sensitive women. Peppermint oil and Fo-Ti help elevate the pleasure nerves in and around the G-spot, thus making your sexual experience more memorable and enjoyable.