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For decades, men have had to feel inferior about their penis size. With historical records suggesting that the average erect penis size in the world is 6.5 inches, many have looked at their manhood in dismay. However, recent research has suggested that the average size is slightly smaller than this.

There has been a problem with measurement in the past. Where exactly do you start measuring from? It is this inconsistency in information and technique that has left many baffled on how large exactly is, well, 'large'.

The latest studies will show that the mean length of an erect penis is actually around 5.88 inches, meaning that if you think your penis is too small, you probably fall in the group of most individuals.

Now, less than an inch may not seem like much for your partner, but every little helps when you are a man. So the immortal question needs to be asked.

Why are men obsessed with penis size?

Even in today's modern age, men will still worry about how long their pecker is. As firms with penis-enlargement pills and creams continue to make vast profits, more and more men are wary of their manhood. Psychologists have suggested that it may be linked to gendered masculinity; the fear that if your penis is not big enough, you are not much of a man. This rule can apply to both heterosexual and homosexual men, but there are a lot of the latter who probably would not look for a large phallus when searching for a partner.

Growing up, a lot of men look to others to compare, meaning that it can be very easy to become over-sensitive about it. This is strange considering that recent surveys have pointed to women not actually caring too much about penile measurement. Two main reasons behind this mentality come from women possibly being frightened by one that is too large and some women preferring the girth of a penis, rather than its length.

It's all relative

The problem with men is that they will look down on their penis, therefore making it seem shorter than it actually is. Furthermore, measurement has to be correct. Scientists have suggested that measuring the penis when erect is pointless as this length can be affected by various factors, such as the surrounding temperature. Instead, a non-erect penis should be measured, with the average being between three and four inches.

According to figures by Masters and Johnson, after 300 men were sampled, the longest length was 5.5 inches, which belonged to a man 5' 7" tall, while the shortest penis was 2.25 inches for a man with a height of 5' 11". This quashes any myths that there is a correlation between height, build and penis size.

If you are worried about your penis size, it may be worth seeking medical advice, but you can be sure that they will say the same thing as us. It's how you use it, at the end of the day. As they say, it's not the size of the ship but the force of the oncoming fleet that matters.