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  • durex intimate feel condoms 12 Pack durex intimate feel condoms 12 Pack
  • durex intimate feel condoms 12 Pack

Durex Intimate Feel Condoms 12 Pack 

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Durex Intimate Feel Condoms 12 Pack are ultra-light condoms designed to suit the needs of those who wish to experience safe and stimulating sex. These Durex real feel condoms are made from fine natural rubber latex, designed to ensure stimulating sensations during sex. The extra lubrication can also help to make sex a more comfortable experience for both you and your partner.

  • Ultra-light condoms designed to enhance sexual sensations
  • Intimate Feel Condoms come with extra lubrication to provide comfort
  • Comes in pack of 12

The Intimate Feel Condoms in the UK are designed to deliver maximum satisfaction without sacrificing the basic purpose of contraception. Since there is extra lubrication in these condoms, it is especially helpful for those women who experience vaginal dryness.

Why should I choose Durex Intimate Feel Condoms 12 Pack?

Durex has been in the business of making contraceptives for the past 80 years and their name stands for durability, reliability and excellence. It is the number one condom selling brand in the UK and the number two brand in the US. Every condom goes through rigorous safety testing and each one of them is subjected to intense quality control testing to provide you with an effective and flawless form of contraception to protect you from STIs.

What are the other features of Intimate Feel Condoms?

Durex Intimate Feel condoms 12 pack comes with a patented easy-on design which makes it easy to put on and comfortable to wear. They are also pleasantly scented making your intimate moments special with minimal or no disruption when the time to put on the condom arrives.

Are Durex Intimate Feel Condoms 12 Pack easy to use?

Durex comes with a patented easy-on design which means that each condom can be worn easily without having to experience any awkward or embarrassing moments.

How do I order for my Durex Intimate Feel Condoms 12 Pack?

Place an order for Durex Intimate Feel Condoms 12 Pack on Sexual Performance Total by choosing the ‘Add to Basket’ option now or you can even order before 4pm on any working day to get the package delivered the next day.

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Rosie says:

This condom comes with extra lubrication which makes penetration easy and comfortable. I don’t feel painful anymore and we have a pleasurable intercourse.

Ethan says:

My girlfriend was a victim of vaginal dryness and this product seemed perfect for her. I got some and sex truly got better for us.

Amelia says:

This is a great product for those women who do not get easily stimulated ahead of sexual activity. With its extra lubrication, Intimate Feel Condoms re a blessing in disguise.

Gerard says:

Its amazing how comfortable and pleasurable one can feel when you put on one of these.