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personal lubricant for women

Women and their partners usually assume vaginal dryness as a sexual defect. But the fact is how lubricated we get naturally during intercourse does not always indicate whether or not we are sexually aroused. This is explained further.

How do oestrogen levels affect sexual arousal?

When aroused the vagina becomes engorged with blood, triggering glands to release a clear, translucent fluid that blood vessels carry through vaginal walls, coating them with lubrication. This process is linked with oestrogen. The lower levels of oestrogen result in lesser fluid production and thinning of vaginal walls, resulting in more discomfort and pain for a woman during intercourse.

When a woman does not have much oestrogen, the sexual arousal lubrication process tends to happen to a lesser degree irrespective of actual arousal. This means that women may become susceptible to vaginal dryness anytime when oestrogen levels are low. When we say anytime, it can happen during breastfeeding, perimenopause and menopause, before and after ovulation, even while taking medication such as birth control pill and antidepressants. Also, smoking causes vaginal dryness.

Do I have instant options to get rid of vaginal dryness?

If you experience chronic dryness down there, you could try lubricating the area using safe personal lubricant for women available in the market. One such option is KY-Jelly personal lubricant which is quite popular among both men and women. This jelly works to reduce friction during penetration to give you a smoother intercourse experience. This water-based solution is also fragrance-free and non-oily. Moreover, it can easily be washed off with water and is compatible with condoms, sex toys and intimate objects.

How do I use KY-Jelly personal lubricant?

This personal lubricant jelly can be most effective when applied just before or during sex to enhance sexual pleasure. A small amount of the lubricant needs to be applied on the penis or the vagina depending on the dryness to maintain the moisture levels for you to have uninterrupted satisfying sexual session.