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For those worried about their penis size, there is a series of exercises that they can partake in and not risk any harm or injury. Jelqing is the most common of the lot, but you should incorporate this method into your daily routine if you want to see more effective results.

The rotation stretch exercise, as its name suggests, is a stretch that is performed in a circular fashion, pulling the penis while rotating it 360 degrees, to ensure that all of the penile tissue is receiving healthy blood flow. This exercise could help you with the length of your penis both flaccid and erect.

You should initially bring your penis to an erect level between zero and 60 per cent. It is dangerous to be doing this exercise fully erect, and even though you may find it difficult to manage this the first time you do the exercise, you will learn to control it over time.

Retract the foreskin of your penis and then grasp your pecker just behind the head with a standard grip. Nothing too loose or tight, just somewhere in the middle. Slowly and firmly pull the penis up until you have stretched it at a comfortable level. Once you have kept it stretched, start moving the penis in a circular movement. If you are holding it with your right hand, circle to the left, or vice versa. Make sure that you stretch with the same intensity in all angles or you may end up with some unusual results.

When the pull is downwards, try and keep the hand as close to your body as possible. Once one completed circle is achieved, repeat the process for about 30 seconds. Then swap hands and alternate until you have done five reps. This whole exercise should then be carried out daily.

Before doing this, or any penis enlargement technique, it is important to first warm up as it will increase the blood flow to your penis, while the hot temperature and humidity will enable you to increase how tight you grip the skin. To do this, soak a soft cloth in hot water and then squeeze out any dripping or excess water. First touch the cloth to see it is not too hot and then start massaging your penis at a 50 per cent erect state. Wrap the cloth around the entire length of the penis and head and leave it there for up to five minutes. This will allow the penile tissue to absorb the heat and relax. Once the cloth is removed, use a dry and soft towel to completely dry off.

The rotation stretch exercise is a very safe way to potentially increase penis size over time. Many individuals will resort to very dangerous methods such as clamping, hanging heavy items from their penises, and using tight restrictive objects, such as bindholders and elastic bands, to increase their length and girth. It is therefore not surprising that so many men end up being admitted to hospital for seriously injuring themselves all in the name of a larger manhood.