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premature ejaculation

How do they work?

Cock rings constrict blood flow, meaning that blood is kept in the shaft of the penis. This causes the user to take much longer to ejaculate, thus preventing premature ejaculation and causing a heightened sensation. A cock ring usually fits over the shaft and scrotum, but it is important that you place it on when the penis is flaccid.

Firstly, you place the ring around your scrotum and then the actual shaft is placed through the remaining ring space. If you are finding difficulty putting it on, try using a lubricant such as KY Jelly, however this may also be a sign that the ring is too small.

What size should I go for?

It may be a bit difficult at first to get your balls through, but it’s essential to get the right size to make sure the penis properly fits. As a general rule of thumb, a flaccid penis and scrotum should stay easily in the ring, but at the same time you can easily snap it off when the penis is erect.

If the ring is too tight, it may cut off circulation altogether, which can be extremely dangerous. There are adjustable models you can buy, with leather straps, so that the fit can be managed by a first-time user.

Most adult stores will have a changing room facility so you can try them on, but just in case, it’s worth measuring the girth of your or your partner’s penis first. A good way to measure girth is to estimate how many fingers bunched together make up the thickness.

What type should I go for?

Cock rings come in different types and forms: metal, leather, plastic, studded - you name it! Only you will know what is best for you. Metal rings can cause a slight irritation for some users, whilst rubber products offer flexibility for those who are well endowed.

What do I need to consider?

Remember: A cock ring is only supposed to increase erection size slightly. If your penis begins to swell, then the ring is too tight and you need to take it off as soon as possible. Similarly, if your penis starts getting cold, or you start experiencing pain, take off the ring immediately. Furthermore, be sure to never leave the ring on for too long, as this can cause the blood in the penis to coagulate, forcing a prolonged erection, or priapism. This can cause permanent damage to the erectile tissue.

Finally, never use anything as a substitute for a cock ring. Whether it is a vice, elastic band or binder clips, these will all cause too much constriction in the penis and could be potentially lethal.