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Male infertility is considered to be a complex condition with varying causes. Though, there are treatments available to promote fertility in men, knowing about the causes is important to adopt a suitable treatment. Certain usual causes that trigger infertility in men include medical problems such as those relating to sperm production, hindered sperm transport, sperm antibodies, hormonal problems and certain sexual problems.

In addition to medical causes, certain health and lifestyle choices such as heavy smoking and alcohol consumption, obesity, stress and certain occupations that involve prolong hours of sitting in front of computers, can also impact fertility in men thereby, hampering their chances of getting their partners pregnant. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to adopt a healthy lifestyle to strengthen reproductive health.

However, for men who are trying to get their partners pregnant, knowing how infertility can occur can aid them in adopting measures to support their reproductive health accordingly.

If your partner, who being perfectly fertile is not able to get pregnant despite having repeated unprotected sex for a year or more, then there are high chances of infertility in you. Below mentioned are certain conditions that if do not happen properly in your case, may trigger chances of male infertility in you. In such a case, share your concern with your doctor who will provide you with possible treatments.

Production of Healthy Sperm

A problem in sperm production in testes is usually the most common cause of infertility in men. Sperm production in males, start during puberty phase and continues throughout their lives, provided there are no complications involved. However, the production of sperm does decrease with age. Make sure that your testicles are functioning properly and your body is generating enough testosterone and other hormones to maintain healthy sperm production.

Sufficient Sperm In Semen

Many believe that sperm count play a pivotal role in promoting or deteriorating male fertility. If the sperm count in your semen is low, it triggers low chances of one of your sperm cells to fertilize your partner’s egg. Fewer than 15 million sperm per ml of semen is regarded to be low sperm count, which can hinder your chances of getting your partner pregnant. Therefore, vigorous supply of healthy sperm is vital to promote male fertility.

Sperm Morphology and Motility

The intriguing part here is that an abnormal shaped sperm can fertilize a healthy baby but the issue is that its unusual shape deters it from reaching the egg to aid in fertilization. Therefore, the sperm produced must be of appropriate shape to be able to move easily. A normal shaped sperm must have an oval head, an intact midsection and an uncoiled tail, an abnormal shaped sperm on the other hand possesses irregularities such as an enlarged round head, pin head, double head, small head, no head multiple tails, broken tails or small tails.