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Female Intimate Hygiene

Signs of a Healthy Vagina

A healthy vagina does not trigger any feeling of discomfort, itchiness, pain, or burning sensations. Furthermore, a healthy vaginal environment is naturally pH balanced, contains good vaginal flora that prevents the growth of bad bacteria and infections, and secretes discharge in small amounts to keep itself clean.

Nirena Feminine Hygiene Cleanser Nirena Feminine Hygiene Cleanser

Nirena Feminine Hygiene Cleanser

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The Importance of Female Intimate Hygiene

The vagina is most prone to catching infections days before menstruation when normal pH levels of the vaginal environment get disturbed and reach their lowest. The situation worsens if special care has not been taken in keeping the vagina clean. Using the same sanitary pad or tampon for extended periods, not washing the vagina at all or washing it with harsh soaps, directing strong forces of water to vagina, and using dirty public toilets, are a few common factors that disturb the normal acidic balance in the vagina. Consequently, the growth of bad bacteria increases and you experience itchiness, burning sensations, pain, bad odour and unusual discharge.

If all these vaginal issues are not taken care of immediately, these can over time become unbearable and can keep you feeling uncomfortable as you try to get on with your daily tasks. In addition, such issues also affect your confidence in sexual activities and can develop to you avoiding sex.

Therefore, in order to continue with daily routines without any discomfort feeling and, to be able to enjoy sex smoothly, it is important that you keep your vaginal health at its optimum.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Vaginal Infections

  • Do not wash your vagina with cheap commercial products, regular soaps or shower gel. These can further worsen the already irritated vaginal tissues and, cause dryness. Use warm water and organic intimate gels to cleanse your vagina and wash regularly at least once a day and, before and after sex.
  • Avoid sex during menstruation as it can accelerate your chances of catching infections.
  • Do not point a running stream of water directly to your genitalia and wipe from front to back because vice versa can bring the harmful bacteria from the anus to the vagina and trigger infections.
  • Wear cotton underwear and change sanitary pads or tampons frequently every 2-4 hours.

Female Intimate Hygiene Products

Thanks to a wide range of female intimate hygiene products readily available on the market, keeping your vagina in good health is easier now than ever before. Just be sure to make a careful buying decision and use only high quality and safe vaginal cleansing solutions. Understanding your concerns of achieving optimum vaginal health safely, we at SexualPerformanceTotal, store and sell only high-grade products, such as Nirena Feminine Hygiene Cleanser. Such vaginal cleansing products are made from naturally derived ingredients and are free from any harsh chemicals or cheap detergents, thereby, assisting you in achieving a healthy vaginal environment without worrying about any side effects.

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