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Female Libido and Sexual Dysfunction Issues

Sexual desires change with age and a number of other factors. While little fluctuations are not problematic at all, frequent issues can cause serious problems in relationships. Not to mention the mental agony and loss of confidence one has to go through.

Now the good news is that most female issues can be overcome with natural female sex drive products. In fact the persistent dysfunction issue is also treatable if you are ready to make a few changes and follow the herbal courses.

The Symptoms of Dysfunction

Libido differences between partners are not uncommon and can be tackled with little compromise. These little issues cannot be really considered as female sexual dysfunction but you can take things a little more seriously if:

  • There is very low desire to be physical with a partner.
  • The desire is totally absent.
  • Arousal levels are not stable. No matter what, your partner can’t get you aroused.
  • Reaching an orgasm is impossible.
  • Intercourse and sexual activity causes pain.

You might also like to take a look at common causes of the problem.

  • Alcohol, drugs and smoking
  • Fatigue and stress
  • Lack of nutrients
  • Poor communication with partner
  • Poor body image
  • Mental Health
  • Hormonal changes

What is the treatment for female sexual arousal disorder?

You can always visit a doctor and seek professional help on the issue if things are severe. In more moderate and milder cases, home-based treatments are preferable.

Herbal gels and creams for clitoral stimulation can offer almost instant benefits. Such products lubricate the vagina while also increasing the sensitivity. The herbal ingredients also improve blood flow for better libido and orgasms.

Apart from that, some herbal female libido pills can also help. Also endorsed as herbal Viagra, these pills need to be taken 45 to 60 minutes before sexual activity for support.

How to support sexual dysfunction treatment?

While you work on the libido and dysfunction issues with herbal products, certain changes in lifestyle are also welcome. Smoking has to be stopped at any cost and so should excessive drinking. Obesity is one of the other causes of low sex drive in women. You should consider a balanced diet and try to be as active as possible, especially after your 40s.