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Female Pheromones
Enhance your sexual appeal and your appeal to other men and women effortlessly with our range of pheromones for women. Here at Sexualperformancetotal we have a carefully selected range of female pheromones that can help you attract other men or women. Not only are they discreet in appearance but also very discreet to wear. Choose from scented or unscented pheromones for women and become the centre of attention whether it be in your workplace, on holiday or at a place of social gathering. Don't worry about other people finding out what you have ordered. We package all products in plain and discreet packaging to ensure confidentiality, and of course there is no mention of any product name or our name. Our carefully selected range of female pheromones are made from natural ingredients so that you wont experiences any unwanted side effects. These pheromones for women are so easy to apply and can be done so alongside your usual perfumes. They come in a spray form so there is no mess. Begin your journey to effortless attraction today buy choosing a female pheromone that's perfect for you.
Boost your chances of attracting same and opposite sexes with the use of Female Pheromones. By simply applying these scentless pheromones for women alongside our usual perfume, you are able to attract women and men in almost any scenario and scene. Pheromones are used naturally to in animals to attract prospective mates and now humans can use this with the help of ever advancing technology.

Sexualperformancetotal.com are proud sellers of Tempt Pheromones as we have received countless positive feedback messages from both new and existing customers. Pheromones for women are not only for attracting men, there are Pheromones available to attract other women too. Wear alongside your usual perfume and let them pheromones work their magic. You don’t have to do anything different, just be your normal self. Female pheromones don’t only help you to attract the attention of men and women, but can also boost self-esteem and confidence in women. Because pheromones attract more positive attention and indeed sexual attention to you, this can leave you feeling empowered and happy. Because the Pheromones are scentless, no one will know you’re wearing it making it perfect for either sparking a new relationship or simply rekindling a existing relationship.

Information on Female Pheromones