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Female sex drive boosters

Drive for sex (libido) is described by The North American Menopausal Society as a biological component that establishes itself as sexual feelings, thoughts and fantasies that make you want to indulge in sexual activity. This drive varies from woman to woman and from day to day depending on various factors such as stress, fatigue, unresolved relationship issues, past traumatic sexual experience, age, etc. Most times, there is not just one specific cause but, a combination of physical and psychological causes that reduces drive for sex in a woman.

Fortunately though, there are several female sex drive boosters but, it is of utmost importance to diagnose the underlying cause(s) so that appropriate solutions can be adopted accordingly. Some of the commonly suggested solutions for low libido in women include:

Sex therapy

If relationship issues make you uncomfortable in the act and are eventually killing your sex drive, therapy sessions can help solve out such issues.

Alterations in medication

If inhibited sexual drive in you is triggered as a side effect of certain medicines then you can ask your doctor to change your medicine with one that does not affect your sexual inclination. Sometimes, just reducing the dosage can also help sustain your interest but, do not by any means tweak the dosage pattern without doctor’s guidance.

Treating underlying medical conditions

If low libido is caused as a result of chronic health conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, etc., then treating these conditions can be your way out.

Topical oestrogen creams

Post menopause, vaginal dryness is extremely common and can significantly affect a woman’s drive for sex. Vaginal oestrogen creams can help provide sufficient natural lubrication to your vaginal walls.

Testosterone therapy

Testosterone can solve various sexual disorders in women. But its long-term safe use is not yet confirmed and therefore, many doctors advise against it. It is usually prescribed only for those women who have sufficient levels of oestrogen.

Natural supplements

These supplements are formulated using herbs that are well-known for their sexual enhancement abilities. For women looking for long-term benefits, supplements like Lady Prelox can prove helpful. However, for women seldom impacted by low libido due to excessive stress, fatigue, etc., can find refuge in Gold Max Pink, which is an instant libido booster.

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De-stress yourself

Every day stressors can very significantly take a toll over your mental health and a stressed mind is one of the major libido killers. It is important to vent out your negative feelings by practising techniques that uplift your mood. A soothing long bath, meditation, daily night sleep for adequate number of hours, are some of the regular techniques that can keep your mind off the daily problems and can keep you calm.

Exercise to get your desire uplifted

Running, swimming, or any kind of physical exercise, helps regulate blood throughout your body and as more blood enters your vagina, its sexual potential gets enhanced.

Eat Healthy

It is known that food that is good for heart is also good for your sexual health. More specifically, when cholesterol builds up in arteries, it becomes harder and restricts normal blood flow. Thus, impaired movement of blood causes less sensation in genitalia, which makes it harder for you to reach arousal and orgasm. Therefore, eating a heart-healthy diet that includes a lot of fruits, vegetables and cutting down on processed foods, animal fats, alcohol consumption and smoking, can keep you sexually fit all the time.