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Female Sex Drive
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Factors That Can Impact Female Libido

Contrary to what many may believe, the frequency of sexual intercourse is deemed nothing to do with the desire for sex in women. However, it is stated that a significant dip in interest for sex that severely affects her relationship and therefore, causes distress in her life can be termed as low sex drive or low libido in women.

Less inclination towards sex is more prevalent in women than in men and this reduced interest leads to low libido levels in women and can be the result of a complex interaction of various factors, some of which may include physical and emotional hormonal problems, lifestyle choices, relationship issues, etc. Let us go through some of these causes more.

  • Sexual problems: If you experience any sort of pain repeatedly while having sex, your desire for indulging in sex may eventually die out. A persistent inability to achieve orgasm can also be a significant female libido killer.
  • Medical conditions: Certain chronic health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, cancer and obesity too can negatively impact drive for sex in women.
  • Medication: Anti-depressants and anti-seizure medications are according to Mayo Clinic, infamous female sex drive killers.
  • Fatigue: Physical or/and mental exhaustion, a result of today’s hectic lifestyle too is a responsible factor.
  • Hormonal causes: Hormonal imbalances that usually occur at menopause, pregnancy and at childbirth too can adversely affect your libido.

Apart from the above mentioned factors, certain psychological causes can result in reduced sex drive in women including low self-esteem, poor body image, past traumatic sexual experience and certain other common yet extremely bothersome mental factors such as anxiety, chronic stress and depression.

Increase Female Libido

Did you know that just by getting your lifestyle in order, you can increase sex drive? Taking care of simple measures such as getting a good night’s sleep, de-stressing yourself with a good massage, eating the right foods, etc. can significantly boost your sexual desire. Give yourself enough rest and pleasure can keep yourself rejuvenated, energetic and excited for all those adrenaline-charged moments you spend in your bedroom.

Female Libido Enhancers

It is true that just by following a healthy lifestyle and proper diet you can boost your low sex drive but did you know you can even further promote your efforts by choosing from a wide range of female libido enhancer products available on the market.

Such enhancers help to restore their lost spark in their sexual life by using these sexual desire enhancers. What is important however is choosing the right product that provides you with maximum benefits and no side effects whatsoever. Here at SexualPerformanceTotal we aim to provide you with just that, through our wide selection of female sex drive boosters available in the form of productive yet safe to use natural pills and gels.

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