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Topical cures for FSD

As per WebMD, it is known that almost 43% of women (in comparison with 31% of men) fall victim to sexual dysfunction at some point in their life. However, what’s more unfortunate is that this rate may be higher because sex and everything related in terms of women, is considered to be a very taboo topic. This results in a woman’s inability to openly talk about her sexual problems in front of her doctor.

Thankfully though, such women can now break out of their shy zone and get their issues treated without worrying about their privacy getting breached with the help of over-the-counter FSD and other sexual health related treatments. If you buy such treatments through trusted online stores, you can be rest assured that any information related to your purchase will remain secured. Thus, you can very conveniently get your sexual performance boosted and that too without having to undergo any embarrassing discussions with GP.

But before we jump to talking about possible cures, it is important to understand the condition. Medically speaking, female sexual response cycle has four specific phases that include excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution (coming back to baseline after reaching acute point of excitement). Problems that occur between any of these phases and, keeps a woman from enjoying sex healthily and pleasurably, is a sexual dysfunction. Some of the common problems faced by women are inhibited or reduced sex drive (low libido), inability to become or feel aroused, lack of orgasm (anorgasmia) and painful intercourse. Occasional occurrences of such issues are common and not so severe however, when such problems occur persistently making your sexual life and health suffer, it calls for help.

Fortunately enough, there is certain convenient to use topical female sexual dysfunction cures that alongside bringing relief from the common symptoms of FSD, also helps to alleviate overall sexual performance of women.

Following are some topical sex aids that can be used any time you wish to make an act sexually intensified. Most of these essentially work by improving blood flow into the clitoris so that you respond more powerfully and excitedly towards sexual stimulation.


Two of the most common causes of delayed arousal are inadequate vaginal lubrication and stimulation. This cream helps to take care of both the factors and provides sufficient lubrication, which alongside providing relief from vaginal dryness, enhances clitoral sensitivity when stimulated and thus, keeps you wanting more.


Another stimulating topical solution, it is a gel which when applied to clitoris, regulates blood flow with the help of Arnica Montana extract (one of the major ingredients). Thus, your organ reacts more sensitively towards physical stimulation and thereby, adds that extra fun and spice to your sexual experience.

Intimate Organics Intense Clitoral Stimulating Gel

Intimate Organics Intense Clitoral Stimulating Gel is formulated with USDA certified organic ingredients that help improve blood flow in your sensitive private sexual parts. The thus increased flow, as specified in the working of aforementioned solutions, assists easy arousal. It also increases pleasurable sensations down there that give an overall boost to your act and lead you to throbbing climax.

Intimate Organics Discover G Spot Stimulating Gel

Finding your G Spot can be harder than usual if a woman is not sexually aroused. After blood fills in to your private parts on applying this formula, you feel aroused easily. This also results in easy identification of your G-spot as being engorged with blood; it becomes enlarged and easily evident to touch thus, making it easy for you and your partner to feel it during stimulation.