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food tips for valentine's day

Why not light the flame of love this Valentine’s Day by cooking up a finger-licking, romantic dinner? Nothing could be easier and more pleasurable than a tenderly prepared, fondly decorated and, lovingly served recipe of nutritious and libido boosting foods for that special Valentine’s night.

So this time around ditch planning out that usual date night, turn up the heat in your own home and, prepare some sexy food that could leave both of you wanting more in the bedroom. The following are specific sex food tips that could serve as the best Valentine’s Day gifts ever.

A supplement option- to begin with!

How about going unconventional this year when thinking of gift options and choose some sex supplements over colognes and roses? It may not sound so sexy but one Gold Max Blue pill, taken about 45 minutes before sex, could leave you feeling that extra boost that other items may not be able to provide. There is also Gold Max Pink pills that can get your partner feeling all sexually revived and aroused easily.

Now, for the food options,

Chocolate it up!

Most women out there are chocolate lovers. So much so, that you need not worry about running out of Valentine’s gift options for her. Just get them a box of chocolates and they will fall in love with you all over again. Now for the intelligent usage of this sweet stuff into a recipe, make her a steaming brownie and soak it in chocolate syrup. Serve with vanilla ice cream on the side and add some strawberries for that extra effect, and of course, mint chocolates are always a yes for that additional dosage of sexy feelings!

A dollop of honey for everything romantic

Ever wondered about that pleasing aroma of honey? It is sweet and light, yet does something to you. The fact is that this mixed kind of soothing aroma is a result of many flowers from which the bees drink nectar. In addition to stimulating the senses, honey is also famous for its sex drive boosting ability. So feed your partner a dollop with their favourite meat dish or, prepare a paste with crushed nuts and finely chopped fruits.

Sesame seeds- a great sex food for your man!

They say the route to a man’s heart is via his stomach and they could not be more right! So tie around the apron and open the sesame box! This rich source of vitamin E is known to be a man’s food simply because the seeds can help men last for longer in the act. So mix it up in honey or, prepare cookies with some extra love quotient and your Valentine’s night is set to be a great one!

An Artichoke’s heart can get your woman wanting more!

The heart of the thistle, artichoke, makes for a perfect aphrodisiac, especially for the ladies. It is known to encourage a warming effect in her intimae parts that can help her reach intense arousal easily. Make her a fancy meal of chicken with some artichokes and mushrooms and get her feeling special and, of course, sexy!

Almonds- He may just surprise you with a heavy load!

Almonds are much more than just brain performance enhancers. According to Ayurveda (traditional Indian discipline of natural medicine), almonds boost cognitive performance but in addition, also benefit sex drive and can turbo charge semen production! So why not prepare that special Death By Chocolate at home and top it up with an ample dosage of sliced almonds. Nothing would be more perfect than a blend of chocolate with some nuts for a sexual Valentine’s gift for him.

Berries in whipped cream- a win-win for all!

On those glazed magazine covers, she strikes that sexy pose with a vividly red strawberry for a reason. All berry fruits are rich in antioxidants, which are beneficial for your overall well-being including, your sexual health. Whip the cream with some granulated sugar and add some berry fruits (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries) for that sexy twist. These fruits help your performance and fire your desire by improving blood flow throughout your system and, as more blood reaches your southern regions, the performance and desire can intensify for sure!