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fertility problems in men

Every now and then we come across some study illustrating the various reasons for fertility problems in men. From lack of proper nutrients to environmental pollution, the risks are many.

And while you cannot really keep a tab on every other cause, it is important to know of the treatment options to be tried at home. We bring you some of the tips that can actually help in both short and long term.

Consider some of the herbal supplements

When it comes to reproductive system health, you cannot really take just any formula. However, herbal blends are free from the harmful drugs and chemicals that do more bad than good. You look for some of the formulas containing a combination of antioxidants, herbs and nutrients to promote sperm motility and count. Consider something like Fertility Blend for Men and take it for over the period of 8 to 10 months for considerable and long term benefits.

See if you are gaining too much weight

Obesity has been linked to a number of problems and one of them is low sperm count. The problems multiply further if you have crossed the 30s. Though losing weight might not be the easiest of things, you will have to start at some level. Join a fitness club or stay motivated to work on obesity at home. Diet is obviously an important part of action plan against fertility problems in men.

Now you have another reason to quit smoking

We have heard about the ill effects of smoking and how it can mess up your health in more than one way. But now a recent study shows that smoking can actually create problems with fertility too. Smokers have low sperm count and they are at higher risk of transferring birth defects to the children. So if you are working to increase sperm count and motility, it is advisable to quit tobacco smoking too.

Understand you lubricants better

Often men don’t really think about lubricants and pick up what’s available conveniently. That is precisely where they can go wrong. Studies show that some of the popular brands on market actually have spermicides. A majority of these products are artificially flavoured and coloured. It is advisable that you take a look at ingredient list first and if possible, invest in only high quality, water based solutions.