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wart removal treatment at home

Severely contagious warts which have their origin in the human pappiloma virus (HPV) and which manifest in the genital regions of male and female bodies are called genital warts. Improper hygiene, unprotected sex, and multiple sex partners are common reasons for the occurrence of genital warts. Both men and women are equally susceptible to the disease and the gravity of the infection varies depending on the bodily immunity of each person. The stages of the wart development also differ accordingly and the time taken by symptoms such as bleeding, itching and so on, to become prominent may also differ from person to person. No matter what developmental stage the infection is in, it is important to go through the entire treatment process and following a course of medication as advised. Apart from that certain precautions and remedial measures that you can take at home certainly help you treat genital warts more effectively. Here are some highlights of wart removal treatment at home:

  • Since genital warts are sexually transmitted infection (STI), unprotected sex should be avoided. Moreover, care should be taken that the individual should not indulge in even oral sex. Apart from using condoms, it is necessary that hygiene is maintained during sexual activity.
  • To control the transmission of this disease, it is imperative to avoid sharing resources such as towels and undergarments.
  • Multiplicity of partners must be strictly avoided and monogamy should be preserved for good sexual health.
  • Instead of using oral contraceptive pills, condoms prove to be more beneficial in preventing the passing on of genital warts. Note that this infection is serious and has the ability to cause damage to developing fetus.
  • Unnecessary fingering of genitals should be shunned.
  • Regular smear tests should be undergone by women to understand the implications of these tests and to diagnose the disease right at the beginning.
  • Maintaining healthy and safe sex regime is a given, apart from which a person suffering genital warts must take care of his/her diet needs too. Including radish, tomato, beet root, neem leaves, spinach, and cabbage, can help provide the body with antiseptic and beta carotene content, thus aiding the healing process.
  • Consider using juices of onion and garlic which have increased anti-microbial content which helps heal and controls the spread of infection. With the help of disinfectant cotton, the juice of onion can be spread over the affected area and covered. Sprinkling of salt before covering it can help provide antiseptic benefits.
  • You could also use apple cider vinegar on the wart and cover it with disinfectant cotton. But note that this remedy can cause burning sensation. If you are not comfortable applying this solution on the affected region, you could also consider drinking cider vinegar in diluted water, with two full spoons of vinegar being added to a glass full of water.
  • The area affected by warts should be free from chemicals and other such elements which contribute to making it septic.
  • Application of Vitamin E oil and milk extracted from figs are said to be beneficial in treating genital warts. But the vitamin E oil must be applied when the wart has dried up as its main function is to remove dead tissues.
  • Aloe Vera, which has natural healing properties, can be applied to the genital wart.
  • Herbal oil extracted from tea tree leaves also serves as a suitable option to be applied over wart using a cotton ball.
  • Fruits such as papaya and pineapple should become part of your diet. These fruits contain eprotelytic enzymes which help dissolve the warts.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes especially the inners as wearing tight or synthetic garments can irritate the affected area and add to the itchiness.
  • Choose a modern approach of getting rid of warts such as natural formulations. Wartrol for genital warts can be directly applied to the affected area to reduce the pain and discomfort felt in the condition. The spray, which is made up of natural ingredients, can be used orally or directly on the affected area. Also, the formula helps prevent future outbreaks of warts.
  • You could also choose Zymaderm UK, if you want to avoid using tablets or surgery to overcome genital warts. This clinically tested formula is known to shrink and eliminate warts through its quick, easy and painless method.