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Sexual dysfunction in women or more specifically, Female Sexual Dysfunction is an extremely common yet traumatizing condition. Our hectic lifestyle that stresses us out by making our bodies and minds work all day long gets the major blame for this sexual dysfunction. However, this dysfunction is not always a result of our poor lifestyle and psychological causes (such as stress, anxiety). There are certain physical causes too that can trigger certain common sexual problems in females.

These physical causes may include age factor and even certain chronic health conditions such as kidney disease and liver failure. However, through this article we will focus on how hormonal changes specifically, can trigger sexual dysfunction in women. Read further to know about the same and possible treatments that can help you get rid of sexual problems caused as a result of hormonal imbalances.

Hormonal Imbalances

Any kinds of changes that occur in our body are more often than not due to our hormones. Read on to find how these fluctuations inhibit sexual function in women.

Hormonal Fluctuations At Menopause

Oestrogen keeps the vagina naturally lubricated but as a woman ages and especially as the menopause gets closer, the production of this hormone and of progesterone significantly declines and eventually stops and since oestrogen is what maintains the moistness of vagina, a lack of it results in drier and less elastic vaginal wall. The vaginal dryness thus caused ultimately leads to painful sexual intercourse, a significant sexual dysfunction triggering problem.

Not just painful intercourse though, emotional changes that accompany menopause significantly reduce desire for sex and/or can trigger inability to become sexually aroused.

Hormonal Fluctuations Post Hysterectomy

Post hysterectomy (surgical removal of uterus), many women probably experience multiple sexual problems that include decreased desire for sex, vaginal dryness and a de-sensitized genital area. All these problems that affectively hamper a woman’s otherwise healthy sexual life are a result of hormonal changes that occur due to lack of uterus in female body. This is not it though, nerves and blood vessels that are crucial to sexual function in women, may also be damaged during the surgery.

Possible Treatments

Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a treatment generally given to women who suffer with reduced levels of oestrogen and progesterone during menopause. This therapy may help such women by artificially boosting the level of essential hormones in their body, thereby supporting their sexual function. Unfortunately though, HRT is associated with certain potential risks, which may include fatal diseases and therefore, there have been made available other safer alternatives that can help women fight out certain sexual problems.

These safer yet effective alternatives include sexual enhancement natural products. A couple of such popular products include Viagel for women and Vigorelle female enhancement cream, which with help of their powerful natural ingredients, naturally lubricate the female genitalia and regulate blood flow down there to increase its sensitivity thereby, enriching your sexual life by providing powerful arousal and intense orgasms.