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There is no fixed way to determine a healthy sex drive (libido). The interest to have sex varies on an individual basis and can be affected due to various factors. While some may want to have sex once or more than once a day, others may want to have it just once a year or perhaps, not at all. The complete lack of sexual desire activity for a significant period of time is a sexual dysfunction commonly known as Hypoactive sexual desire disorder. The sexual desire disorder more commonly impacts women than men.

Fortunately though, there are multiple libido booster supplements available that target low libido needs in women, safely and effectively. Gold Max Herbal Viagra for females is one such well-known natural sexual supplement that fires her desire for sex almost instantly!

However, before learning about the solutions, it only makes good sense to learn about the causes of low sexual desire too. Hormonal imbalance is believed to be one of the major triggers. Read further to find out how it impacts female sexual desire.

The relationship between hormonal imbalance and female sex drive

Specialists claim that low sexual desire (low libido) in women is usually due to hormonal abnormalities.

Hormonal levels begin to change significantly as a woman enters perimenopause phase, in her 30s. From this phase onwards, the hormonal levels start to change and by the time she enters menopause, her body may have already been through nearly 20 years of hormonal changes.

The fluctuations suffered during such phases are marked by a variety of common symptoms and out of the many is the highly bothersome symptom of low sex drive, which can easily take a toll over bedroom performance.

But, it is not just women who start to lose interest in sex due to hormonal issues, low testosterone levels also impact male sex drive significantly. For temporary occurrences of low drive in men, Male herbal Gold Max supplement can help immensely!

Coming back to women, what is it that causes the hormonal levels to fluctuate and impact sex drive?

The female hormones, progesterone and oestrogen, exist in a delicate balance with the DHEA and testosterone. Each of them carries out their specific biological function. A proper balance of these hormones is vital for the female body to perform well. It is when this balance is disturbed; problems such as of low sex drive start to crop up.


During the phase leading up to menopause, hormone levels can drop significantly. This may impact female sexual health in multiple ways.

  • It lowers sex drive.
  • It causes vaginal dryness, which can make sex uncomfortable and painful for her and therefore, she may not want to have sex at all.


Hormonal imbalances caused during pregnancy, just after childbirth and during nursing phase, can impact sex drive significantly. In addition, the fatigue and tiredness from carrying and caring for the baby, bodily changes, etc. may further add to sexual performance issues.

The desire subdues further because,

Now, while it is normal for the female body to suffer from fluctuating levels of the hormones during important phases such as childbirth, perimenopause and menopause, there are certain other factors that can make the situation all the more worse. Stress, depression, irregular sleep patterns, unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle habits, relationship issues, etc., can further cause the variations in female hormones thereby, making the symptoms of low libido all the more severe.

Common Solutions

A persistent occurrence of low libido should be brought to the attention of your doctor but, for the temporary bouts, there are certain female sexual supplements such as Pink Gold Max capsules, which can be of significant help. These pills are specifically formulated to boost female sex drive quickly. In addition, a healthy diet and lifestyle should be maintained to keep the body and overall well-being in complete harmony.