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There are many penis enlargement products available today spanning from pills and pumps through to jelqing devices and extenders, and each of this methods work in different ways to achieve the same goal, penis enlargement.

Penis pumps such as the successful Bathmate series work by creating a vacuum around the penis to draw more blood to this region. This can be done from the comfort of your own home which is why it is so popular and the results are both long and short term. Results come in the forms of longer lasting erections that are stronger through to penis enlargement. Penis enlargement pills are possibly the most poplar form of penis enhancement due their discreetness and success rate. Pills such as Vimax and Prosolution Pills have been used for years worldwide and have helped men to gain inches to the size of their penis. They work by using specifically chosen ingredients that contain vitamins and minerals to help the blood vessels in your penis to expand and allow extra blood flow.

Jelqing exercises such as the Jelq Extender work by almost massaging the penile shaft to increase blood flow to the penis. This will increase the size of your penis and sexual stamina over time. Penis enlargement extenders are very popular due to their success rate and with an increase in technology, the increase in comfort and results. Extenders work on the basis of tractions and gradually increasing the size of your penis for permanent results.

All penis enlargement methods work on a similar principle but the way they work differs slightly but the basis is to increase blood flow and increase new cell renewal. Finding the right method for you can take some time and may be even experimenting with a few methods until you find the correct method for you. Most treatments and products are extremely discreet even though you may think otherwise. For example most extender are so discreet that it can be worn underneath clothing without creating attention. The most important thing to remember is to use the method that's right for you and is comfortable for you.