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Male enhancement is an assortment of various products and techniques that can help a man enhance the performance and may even increase the size of his member. While techniques include the risky clamping method or performing certain exercises such as jelqing and KEGEL or using devices such as penis pumps, products more commonly include pills and supplements to enhance male sexual performance.

Discussing further about products specifically, besides pills and supplements there are various topical treatments as well on market that can help enhance the overall sexual performance of your member. These topical treatments include gels, creams and oils and out of these, penis erection oils are becoming increasingly popular.

It is a science called transdermal technology, whereby the goodness of herbal extracts and other natural ingredients are encapsulated into oil, which when regularly applied and massaged onto the penis can provide with immediate effects.

So, How do These Oils Really Work?

Male enhancement oils are ideally non-greasy, silky and water-based, a feature which makes them condom compatible. Through the breakthrough transdermal technology, the naturally occurring ingredients these oils are formulated with, very easily and directly penetrate into the deepest layers of the penile tissue on application thereby, increasing the penile engorgement, which provides the desired benefits of increased penis firmness and long-lasting erections.

Why Prefer Male Enhancement Oils Over Supplements?

Such erection oils are formulated to penetrate deep into the penile tissue layers and testicles, instantaneously on application to start producing effects in just about 30 to 90 seconds unlike supplements that need to be taken for up to 2 to 3 months to show up desired changes. Also, working by transdermal technology, it is believed that almost 95% of the male enhancing ingredients of the oil get absorbed into the male genitalia.

And thus, men who look for treatments, which provide goodness of nature in combination with delivering fast positive results, usually prefer penis erection oils over other treatments.

Soaring Demand of Male Enhancement Oils

The rapid rate at which these oils produce the desired results and their easy to use feature that gets you ready for any sexual activity anytime you want, is contributing in the rising success of these oils. Another striking feature that has made them a favourite of most men is that most such oils are water-based and thus compatible with condoms.

Hence, if you are looking forward to buy a certain oil to pamper up your member, prefer buying one that has water-based formula because the core oil based formula do not work well with the latex of condoms.

Any Effective Oil on the Market?

VigRX Oil for men has proven its worth as an effective male enhancer, thanks to the rapid effective results it provides with. Formulated using the latest German Transdermal Delivery System, it ensures thorough absorption of all its natural ingredients into the penis. Also, being water-based it ensures full safety when used with condoms.