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Ever evolving science has spread its reach also in the industry of penis enlargement with the production of various devices such as penis pumps and extenders that are known to increase the size of penis and enhance its performance by boosting its erection strength. However, in addition to the modern advancements that include pumps and extenders, the good old herbs are also in equally high demand amongst many of those who wish to add those extra inches to their member and improve its performance.

Asian Red Ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, Arjuna, Bladderwrack Drilizen Hawthorn Berry, Resishi Mushroom, Safflower, Momordica, Shatavari and Saw Palmetto Berry are few of effective herbs distinguished for their male enhancing properties and therefore, are used as major ingredients in several good quality penis growth pills.

But how do these pills really work?

Understanding the structure of penis is instrumental before understanding the functioning of pills or any other penis enlargement solution for that matter.

Penis is made of three chambers (penile chambers), out of which the one located at the bottom of the penis is termed as Corpora Spongiosum, (used in urination or ejaculation) and the two large chambers located at the top are scientifically termed as Corpora Cavernosa, (these chambers are almost 90% responsible for your penis size).

It is Corpora Cavernosa that when you are sexually aroused, expands with blood before resulting in an erection and for penis growth to occur through natural pills, the herbs contained in these pills stimulate growth in penis by regulating blood flow to corpora cavernosa. If you regularly consume such pills in the dosage as suggested, the constant gush of blood will be regulated to your penis, which will over the time lead to expansion of these penile chambers, thereby increasing your penis size by a few significant inches.

The major benefit of using natural pills for penis enhancement lies in the goodness of herbs contained in these pills that are tried and tested for their male enhancing qualities. These work to improve blood circulation in the penile chambers to aid in its expansion and also provide with overall male sexual enhancement, but not just this, being natural, such pills are also generally deemed safe to consume, provided you are not allergic to any of the herbs contained in the formulation and also, if you are battling any chronic health condition, consult your doctor before undergoing penis enlargement course with these pills.

Also, choosing the right pill pack is equally vital to derive the maximum benefits from using natural pills. While there are various products on market that provide with sexual enhancement and increased penis size through their effective natural formulation, there is one product called Prosolution that through its specifically chosen male virility enhancing herbs, works to improve both physical and psychological aspects related with male sexual enhancement, a feature immensely responsible for the increasing number of men who order Prosolution Pills today.