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female pheromones

Effect of pheromones on human behavior

The effects of pheromones on human behavior are less obvious than in other mammals but they do leave a strong impact on us. Many pheromones are air-borne particles which pass through air after evaporation by the heat of the body. Some pheromones are heavy proteins which cannot be passed through air by evaporation. They are passed through physical contact such as through kiss or skin-to-skin contact.

Pheromones activate pre-coded genetic programs and increase production of GnRH (Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone), which starts the pulses and cycles of sex hormones which regulate the sexual development. GnRH also affects the brain activity which governs sexual development and behaviour.

Pheromones work in two ways: The first is through ‘signal pheromones’ which alerts others of your presence and cause immediate changes in behaviour by stimulating certain areas of the brain. The second ways is through ‘priming pheromones’ which trigger increased production of GnRH, igniting the need to kiss and make skin-to-skin contact. This, in turn, increases production of many hormones which affect the development, metabolism and mating behaviour.

Why are men attracted to women with larger breasts?

A question that rises in almost every woman’s mind needs answering. Beginning with new-born infants who follow the breast odours that emanate from their mother’s nipple or areola region, to men during intimate moments, women’s nipples have a sexual effect on male species of all ages.

The odours exert a pheromone effect which guides infants to nurse at the nipples. This behaviour can explain a lot of young men’s obsession with women’s breasts. It may be this natural bonding that attracts men to women with bigger bust size.

How can pheromones help in attracting men?

With the use of a female pheromone spray, you will not only be able to gain confidence on your appearance and attractiveness but also be able to turn the right heads! Get noticed instantly and look for these benefits noted below when you use pheromone spray along with your regular perfume:

  • Get more eye contact and smiles from men
  • Men will find you instantly attractive
  • You would notice that more men would get eager to start a conversation with you
  • You can use it to ease tension between male colleagues at work
  • Enhances your chances of getting a date with your dream man
  • Get that instant chemistry going on a blind date!

Which pheromone spray can help you entice your partner better?

You can begin a new passion with your mate and add a new zing to your existing relationship with Tempt Woman-2-Man Pheromone Spray, which is an odourless formula made with natural ingredients. It is developed to help boost your chances of sexual arousal and attention in men, making it ideal to revive lost spark and also for use on dates and night outs with opposite sex.