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Improve semen volume

Some of the commonly associated problems with male sexual health include dissatisfaction over penis size, erectile difficulties, low libido levels, ejaculation problems and prostate ailments. However, in addition to these, there is one more problem related to male sexual health that has become a cause of insecurity in most men and this problem is low semen volume.

Just as a bigger penis is considered synonymous with male virility, adequate semen volume too is seen as a reflection of male sexual prowess. Not just this though, it becomes an even bigger issue when concerning male fertility health. Since semen contains sperm, (important units that carry male genes to the female’s egg to aid in fertilisation), it is said that a less volume would indicate reduced count of sperm, a situation which may trigger infertility in men.

However fortunately enough, just as there are various powerful products on market that can help men increase their penis size or improve their erection strength, there have been made available effective products to boost semen volume as well.

Through this article, we introduce to you to two super effective natural supplements that can help improve semen volume.


Informally known as turbo charge supplement, this product is a perfect blend of herbal and nutritional ingredients that in addition to significantly boosting semen volume also provide with additional benefit of boosted sexual desire.

Natural ingredients such as Catuaba bark, Pumpkin seed, Zinc and Cranberry extract, contained in this supplement work by increasing the vesicle fluids, which constitute up to 70% of semen, thereby increasing the volume of semen.

The related benefits of extended orgasms and increased libido levels that this supplement provides are due to the other powerful ingredients that include Butea Superba and Swedish Pollen Extract. Also described as herbal PDE-5 inhibitor, Butea Superba works on improving circulatory health, thereby regulating the blood flow to male genitalia to enhance its performance. Swedish Pollen Extract on the other hand, support over all sexual health and treats problems relating to prostate gland.

Vimax Volume

When it comes to searching for effective natural male enhancement products on market, Vimax is definitely one of the most coveted brands. Reason behind the high success rate of this brand of almost 10 years lies in the powerful natural ingredients this brand’s products are formulated with and therefore, while looking for options to boost semen volume, most men prefer buying Vimax Volume.

Increased semen volume may boost the intensity of pleasure one derives from sexual activity and the specially chosen herbs used in this supplement’s formulation provide with just that. Herbs such as Lingzhi, Kelp, Cinnamon and Hong hua fen, when combined with other potential natural ingredients work to enhance the volume of your semen, thereby prolonging the pleasure you feel during ejaculation.