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increase penis size

Many men may be wondering what effect exercise could have on the size of their penis.While many believe that size isn't everything when it comes to down there, some men may rather fancy the prospect of natural ways to boost the size of their manhood.

Exercise is something that gets brought up in discussions about penis size - could it make my penis bigger or will it make it smaller?

Well, Dr Kenneth Gardner - an exercise physiologist at Holiday Hills Research Center - writes in the Gleaner that the simple answer is 'it doesn't actually make a difference to its size, full stop'. However, that's not to say it won't have any effect on life in that department at all.

Composition of the penis

While men may place an awful amount of importance on their penis as the manliest aspect of their body, there is absolutely no muscle in it whatsoever. Therefore, it's not like going to the gym, pumping irons and watching the biceps grow. The penis is made from completely different tissue, meaning that it cannot respond in the same way as arm or leg muscles might do to exercise.

The penis is primarily made up of connective, erectile and nerve tissue, and blood vessels. According to Dr Gardner, the maximum and minimum erection size for an individual will be relatively predefined, but any man will know that the size of theirs can vary hugely, from when it's flaccid to being erect.

So what difference could exercise make?

Ultimately, penis size depends a huge amount on the threshold of stimulation - the more blood supply, the greater the erection. Therefore, this is what men should think about if they're considering the effect of exercise.

When doing activities, like exercise, which necessitate the flow of blood to other areas of the body, the penis may appear to 'get smaller'. In fact, it is the blood flow within it which may have dipped below normal, thereby making it seem smaller, when it is actually exactly the same.

Exercise on the whole helps to improve blood circulation. If an erection is caused by blood flow to the penis, it is not hard to see that doing something which could potentially boost the volume of blood flowing to it during sexual arousal could only be beneficial.

One of the other reasons exercise could be beneficial is that it can boost the efficiency with which the human body transmits nerve impulses. Well, excitatory nerve impulses - combined with consequent increased blood flow - are ultimately what bring about an erection.

In this way, the stronger and greater number of nerve impulses consolidated by exercise could help stimulate penile tissue, leading to a seemingly larger erection.

But will it actually make me bigger?

Exercise does not make your penis bigger. If that had been proved to be the case, many more men would probably be pounding away on a treadmill seven days a week in a bid to 'grow' their pride and joy.

What it does do is boost a man's ability to reach their maximum penis length, which many may not currently be enjoying. This, as far as many may be concerned, is as good as 'making it bigger' - even if it's not biologically true, because the potential was always there.

According to Dr Gardner - and what many men may want to know most - exercise will not make it permanently shrink (assuming that no steroids or supplements are being used). "[It] in fact allows the man to have a better, firmer erection, as well as enables him to last longer and have more stamina," he says.