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Intimate Organics Discover G Spot Stimulating Gel


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What is Intimate Organics Discover G Spot Gel?

The G-spot remains one of the most mysterious sexual parts of a female body. Sexual partners have been trying to please their partner for years but now they have a secret to enhanced pleasure and enlarged G-spot.

This gel contains the right blend of organic ingredients to stimulate intimate areas and supports better arousal levels. The blend of herbs and lubricating agents ensure that you and your partner get maximum assistance to enjoy sex. And what’s more, you can use Intimate Organics G Spot Gel for oral sex too.

How does it work?

Finding the G-spot is often thought to be the Holy Grail of sexual activity but it is almost impossible if the woman is not completely aroused. Foreplay plays a critical role here, and Intimate Organics Discover G Spot Stimulating Gel further adds to the stimulation. Amino acid groups relaxes vaginal muscles and eases the blood flow so the G-spot tissue gets hard, enlarged and erect.

Other herbal ingredients including Goji Berry and Lemongrass extract act as natural aphrodisiac while peppermint oil tingles the G-spot.

How do I apply this gel?

Take out a small amount on one of your fingers and apply it to the inside of the vagina. You can increase the amount while trying to find G-spot or to stimulate it more.

What are the side effects of Intimate Organics Discover G Spot Gel?

All the ingredients are selected to be skin-friendly. The blend is certified organic from USDA and should not cause any severe risk of side effects.


Although this gel is free from side effects, make sure that you are not personally allergic to any of the ingredients. It should not be used by women with STDs or STIs.

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There are not many products targeted at G-spot stimulation. It is certainly a different option and definitely worth trying.

The tube was delivered yesterday and I haven't used it so far. The delivery was prompt and I liked the way they have kept me informed.

My husband got this for me and it is certainly one of the better options I have tried recently. Great Thing.