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breast enlargement procedures

Some women struggle with inferior problem of having small breast size and opt for breast enlargement procedures in UK while other face a completely different issues altogether.

Women with bigger breasts believe that it is related to back pain and we are going to find what the whole thing about here is.

Women who have large breasts often have an issue with upper back pain. This is no surprise, considering that they have to carry around with them a heavy burden, similar to when being pregnant. When bulky weights are attached to your chest, they will naturally exert stress and pressure on both the spine and the muscles which support it.

However, in some cases, women will use their breasts as an excuse for back pain when actually this blame is being misplaced. Not only is this wrong, but it may also be quite dangerous if women are incorrectly diagnosing a potentially serious issue.

In recent years, doctors have been quick to suggest that breasts are actually a rare cause of back pain; if your spine is normal and healthy, it should be strong enough to support large boobs over many years. If anything, when you go and see a medical expert about it, they will probably tell you that it is related to other conditions. This could be obesity which causes constant stress on the body, pregnancy, poor posture, the wrong bra size, or injury to the muscles or bones in the back. There may also be the irritation of spinal nerves through disc herniation or the spine being weakened by osteoporosis.

That does not mean your breasts are completely unrelated however. For example, they may worsen bad posture, adding not only extra stress to the muscles you have pulled, but also making it harder for you to heal. Furthermore, there are women who are relatively small but may have disproportionately large breasts. In these situations, breast reduction surgery may be needed. At the same time, back pain may occur if you have augmentation surgery and you are not used to your new knockers. So if you are actually planning to invest in some home-based breast enlargement procedures in UK or even silicone transplant, consider these things first. Here are a few things to understand:

  • If the weight of your breasts is playing a large factor in the chronic pain, then you need to take some extra steps. Make sure that your body remains as healthy as possible, through plenty of exercise and a balanced diet. Not only will this prevent your breasts from growing further, but it will also guarantee a strong and healthy back, while speeding up recovery from any injuries.
  • Also pay attention to your posture and read how you can use the information to reduce pain.
  • Do not spend a lot of time sitting or standing in one position especially if you are experiencing changes in breast size recently due to herbal or other enlargement processes.

So, is breast size really linked to back pain? This totally depends on your individual case. It is important however that you do not jump to conclusions and you consult a doctor first. It is easy to blame what's directly under your nose but consider if there is a more likely culprit. Breasts should not be totally dismissed as a 'myth' but at the same time it should not be a go-to if someone is simply in denial about their overall weight.

Before you resort to any extreme treatments, look at all aspects of your lifestyle, and when in doubt, seek medical advice. Only then can you make an accurate medical diagnosis.