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increase penis size

When men think of different ways to increase the size of their penises, many will resort to extreme measures that may put them at risk of injury, harm or scarring. Jelqing is a natural technique that any man can carry out over a period of time to try and enlarge their penis size.

The process generally involves the man gripping their penis for penis enlargement and then carrying out a milking process towards the head of the penis. As an ancient Arabic technique, the extent to which it works has been mixed across history, but it is always worth giving it a go. By gripping the shift, blood and it's nutrients will be forced through a semi-erect penis, allowing the girth and length of your penis to increase over time. As pressure builds around the blood vessels, smooth muscle and other tissues, it is a similar process to how placing stress on muscles can make them harder and stronger over time.

Before you do anything, it is important to get lubrication for the exercise. The best products to look for are water or oil based, but never use any type of soap or lotion as they can cause major irritation and itching of the penis. You may also want to consider baby oil with added aloe and vitamin E, the latter of which is great for skin and will make your penis look healthy.

Once you have lathered your penis with a lubricant, bring your penis erection level to between 50 and 75 per cent. This is important as jelqing when erect could cause an injury, but at the same time you want your penis semi-erect for ultimate effect. Try different erection levels and see what works best for you as studies have shown different results. Note that the first time you jelq, it is natural to get a full blown erection; this problem will soon go away over time.

Once you have formed a nice grip around the penis base, as close to the pubic bone as you can, you slowly move up the penis with a light pressure. This pressure will allow the blood to flow up the penis but you don't want to be squeezing too hard. Once you have reached the head of the penis, taking between two to three seconds, take your other hand and repeat the process. By jelqing properly, you will also avoid achieving the 'baseball effect', where the head of the penis will become larger than the shaft.

You could also consider a 'dry jelq' where no lubrication is used and can be cleaner, but note that this is a harder process and increases the chances of you developing the 'doughnut effect', a large swelling around the penis circumference. However, this method is also equally effective and totally depends on just what you prefer. As a beginner, you should try the wet jelq first and then remove the lubrication over time.

Jelqing is a great way to increase both the length and girth of your penis. Give it a go today.