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What is Lady Prelox?

Specifically designed with women in mind, this female pleasure enhancer supplement offers a unique way to help over come the taboo subject of sexual pleasure concerns. Lady Prelox pills offer a discreet yet effective method to boost your libido, comfort and pleasure. It contains proven ingredients designed to help stimulate blood flow to vital intimate areas and boost your over all sexual vitality.

Supplements such as Lady Prelox in the UK are an ideal way to help you gain back your sexy self. Lifestyle and age both play an important part in the lack of sex drive you experience. Menopause can create turmoil for your body’s hormones and may also leave you feeling dry. Whereas hectic lifestyles can simply leave you worn out and stressed, which also aren’t ideal conditions for a sensual and steamy sexual experience.

How does Lady Prelox work?

3 main ingredients are combined in this unique formula to work to the advantage of your sexual desire: Pycnogenol, Rose Hip extract and L’Citrulline. These properties have been carefully selected and combined to help create unique libido advantages to your body, like helping to increase in blood flow to areas which need stimulated for sexual arousal and fatigue eliminating antioxidants. Often a lack of libido occurs because of stress, health, tiredness, diet and age. By taking the Lady Prelox pills regularly twice a day, could gradually help enhance your well-being in the intimate areas that matter, overcoming the forces of life that seem to want otherwise!


Lady Prelox in the UK contains safe and natural ingredients designed to activate the enzymes responsible for converting acids into nitric oxide, while at the same time helping the arteries to expand. This stimulation is needed in order to help achieve an increased flow of oxygen-rich, healthy blood to the head and the reproductive organs. By doing so, this helps to benefit sex drive and sexual satisfaction. Some of the main ingredients are:

Pycnogenol - Proven to expand and support healthy blood vessels, this botanical extract from the bark of the French maritime pine tree is known for its potent antioxidant properties. It also helps produce the healthy production of nitric oxide, which encourages better blood flow to the brain and reproductive organs.

Rosvita -These round red fruits are an essential part of these female enhancer pleasure supplements and have been known to benefit sexual desire. Their potent antioxidants and vitamin C properties help eliminate fatigue, which can often be a reason for a lack of sexual desire and also supports blood flow to intimate areas of the body.

L-Citrulline - This naturally occurring amino acid may help you achieve orgasms and reduce blood pressure as it has been shown to help open up veins and arteries to improve blood flow.

Please see the ingredients tab for a full ingredients list.

When can I see results?

The effects of using Lady Prelox pills can vary from woman to woman, as with any natural supplement. Factors such as age, diet and fitness levels can all impact the length of time it takes for the extracts and acids to take effect.

Clinical studies have shown positive effects from women using Lady Prelox, who are pre-menopausal, post-menopausal and peri-menopausal (aged between 40-50). Where an increase in sexual desire has been shown to increase in many circumstances. This desire has been calculated using a Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI), which determines the different levels of sexual satisfaction women experience before and after taking these pills.

Is it safe to use and how do I take it?

Taking Lady Prelox pills is easy (and discreet if you need it to be!) Simply take them twice a day, one after your breakfast and once after your evening meal.

There were no reported side effects from women who have used Lady Prelox in the trials. However, it is always recommended that you check all the ingredients before use in case you are allergic to any. If you are a mother who breast feeds or pregnant, always consult your doctor before taking these female pleasure enhancer supplements.

How can I order?

Lady Prelox has been hugely popular in America and now you’re able to take advantage of Lady Prelox in the UK. It has all the same great benefits in the exact patented formula but with faster, cheaper and next day delivery! Order your female pleasure enhancer supplements today before 4pm and you could get them by tomorrow. Simply click on the ‘Add to Basket’ button below to get started.

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After having tried at least 2 libido supplements, I have finally laid my hands on something that understands my needs perfectly. That's you Lady Prelox.

I took the pills just as they say for a month and my oh my, I'm so glad I did. I get charged up so easily and effectively now, after using Lady Prelox.

I am 35 and my body was already giving up on me. After coming from office, I was always too exhausted to even think about sex. From past one month of using Lady Prelox though, not only have I got my desire back but, I am also energized.

My desire is on fire! Thank you guys for storing this product. I had my eyes set on it for a long time but was waiting to come across a credible retailer and now I have!