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Male Edge Extra

Male Edge Extra can help those men seeking male enhancement. Regardless of your original size, shape and form, this Male Edge product can uses traction force to help boost male performance, stamina and endurance. Best part, it is simple, safe and convenient to use.

  • Uses powerful traction forces
  • May help with size and length
  • Can be easily worn under loose clothing for long hours
  • Extremely light and hence comfortable to wear
  • May help with mild penis curvature
  • Comes in a sleek green and black case
  • Comes with additional accessories

One of the most in demand extenders on market, the Extra, can provide comfortable traction force and may lead to a boost in sexual performance. So if you are looking for painless and natural growth methods, wait no more and buy Male Edge now.


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What is Male Edge Extra?

One of the star Male Edge products, this extender can help boost male virility. This extender is specifically designed to ensure user comfort through the safe and clinically backed, traction force. The quality feature of this device is that alongside helping male enhancement, it maintains sexual quality and also helps those with mild penis curvatures.

Is this extender easy to use?

Just like other Male Edge extenders, its Extra model too is easy to use. Just follow the embedded instructional video and use as directed. This device can easily be adjusted along the penile shaft and its ultra-light weight makes it comfortable for you to wear for extended number of hours. The extra comfort pad and additional rubber straps it comes along with further increase user comfort.

How does Male Edge Extra work?

All Male Edge products use traction force to boost male performance. This force is basically a steady stretch force applied to penile shaft. This increases the cell activity in penis and causes the cells to multiply.

Who can use this extender?

Though manufactured as a male enhancement device, this extender can take care of other common penis issues as well. This extender may also help you straighten out the mild curvature and the traction force can also help boost performance and stamina. One thing to note here is that this or any other extender in the Male Edge range is strictly for men over 18 years of age.

Is Male Edge Extra safe to use?

As specified in the beginning, Male Edge products use the non-surgical, safe, natural, and clinically backed traction force to produce results and hence, are safe to use. However, make sure you use the Extra just as directed in its instructional to avoid any feeling of discomfort down there.

How soon can I expect result from using Male Edge?

Each individual’s body responds uniquely and hence the time taken in achieving the desired results may also vary.

What all accessories do I get in my Male Ede Extra kit?

  • Male Edge Penis extender
  • A ruler (to record growing inches)
  • 2 extra rubber straps
  • 1 extra protection pad
  • Product box
  • A travel bag
  • Official Male Edge program

How can I order Male Edge Extra?

Placing order with us is fairly simply and takes hardly 2 minutes of your time as all you need to do is click on “Add to Basket” option and proceed accordingly. We also give you a striking offer which says that if you buy Male Edge from us by 4 pm today, you can receive discreet delivery of your chosen product the very next day!

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Male Edge extra is so light on my member that at times I remember that I have it on only when my alarm rings after 8 hour duration reminding me to take it off!

After I opened the box, I was amazed and did not expect such a high-tech looking equipment to be easy to use, let alone be comfortable on my penis. But guess what, it is easy to use and comfortable too. Its been just a week that i started using it and I m loving my first time experience.

I completed my 6 month course with this extender this month and yes, I am bigger down there. It was easy using the Extra for so many months and the final result makes it worth it all!

The increased length and girth of my penis has also increased my confidence and I am so grateful to Extra team and SPT for the same!

I benefitted doubly from using this extender. The curvature of my penis is gone and dimensions of my penis have also increased!