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Male Edge Pro

Sitting at the top of the range of clinically tested and proven extenders offered by Male Edge is the Pro model. This extender comes with added accessories to aid you in your enlargement methods more easily and provide with best results. So if you are totally serious about boosting male performance, stamina and endurance through a traction device, Male Edge Pro can be just the perfect way to go about it.

  • Pro Edge uses traction force for enhancement
  • May lead to natural enhancement
  • Ultra-light and comfortable to wear for extended hours
  • May lead to about 28% increase in length
  • Comes in an attractive red and black case
  • Comes with 4 additional rubber straps and 2 protection pads

The Pro Extender is specifically designed to provide with ultimate user experience and comfort through its added useful accessories. Working by the scientifically documented traction force, it can help promote male enhancement. Buy Male Edge with us before 4 pm today and receive your extender the very next day.


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Why should I choose Male Edge Pro Extender over other enlargement solutions?

While it is true that surgery is a permanent solution to achieve male enhancement, it is also true that it comes along with potential risks. Natural pills on the other hand are a painless way but reminding oneself to take pills regularly can be quite a task. Therefore for men looking for easy, painless, natural solutions or male enhancement, Pro Extender can be the perfect choice.

How does Male Edge work?

As specified in the beginning, this extender works by the safe and non-surgical technique of traction. Through traction force, easy, safe and steady stretch force is applied to your penis and this causes the cells to divide and multiply. The multiplication of cells caused due to traction leads to male enhancement over just a few months of use.

How Is Male Edge Pro different from other Male Edge extenders?

In the range of Male Edge extenders, Pro model is the ultimate model that using traction force, works optimally to help boost performance, stamina and endurance. A supreme quality extender, it is ultra-light in weight and hence can be worn easily under loose trousers for extended working hours, provided your job does not require you to be physically active. However, the best feature of this product, which also distinguishes it from other extenders in the Male Edge range, is that it comes with additional rubber straps and comfort pads to make the traction force easier for you.

What all accessories do I get in my Male Ede Pro kit?

  • MaleEdge Penis extender
  • A ruler (to record growing inches)
  • 4 extra rubber straps
  • 2 protection pads
  • A travel bag
  • Cohesive gauze (to further secure straps)
  • Instructional DVD

Is Male Edge Pro extender safe to use device?

Edge Pro uses is made of high-quality materials and the additional accessories it comes along with, makes it further easy and safe to use. And you need not worry about the traction force it needs to work as traction is the only natural technique backed by doctors to work effectively and safely. Follow the instructional DVD to ensure safe and proper use of the device.

How can I order Male Edge Pro?

Simply click on “Add to Basket” option and then proceed towards checkout as directed. You can choose from a variety of mode of payment and delivery options as per your convenience. And yes, you need not worry about your privacy getting breached as we deliver to you your product in discreet packaging.

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I don't think any other penis enlargement device could be better than Pro for a first time user like me. I use Pro every day for 6 hours straight with 5-7 minutes break in every 2 hours. I was a little apprehensive about what it might do to my erections, and it did do something, improved them further!

Thank you SPT and thank you Pro. I am 6.2 inches in length now.

While my wife was completely satisfied with my former penis size, I was not and this led to her gifting me Pro. My penis size has seen a significant boost and I look more sexually attractive now and she is happy with my happiness.

I did not believe earlier that an extender could correct peyronie's. But after much force from my friend, I gave in and used Pro and I am so glad to have done that. The mild curvature I had is now no more there and my penis looks just perfect.

I agree with Samuel888 who has written about his erections getting improved. I too was worried about the same before starting to use Pro but this device has boosted my erection strength like, wow!