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Male Infertility

Contrary to what many may believe, about 40% of couples reported the inability to conceive, men are most of the times sole or a contributing factor and therefore, it would not be totally inappropriate to say that infertility in men is perhaps about just as common as it is in women.

Fertility in men is more often than not seen as a result of problems relating to sperm that chiefly includes sperm quality and sperm count. More specifically, some of the commonly sighted problems relating to sperm include:

  • Low sperm count
  • Low sperm motility and abnormal sperm morphology
  • Extreme viscosity of seminal fluid
  • Lack of production of sperm cells

In addition to sperm related issues, there are other medical conditions as well that can trigger infertility in men. Some of these conditions include hormonal imbalances, ejaculation problems (specifically retrograde), chromosome defects, infections that effect sperm production, etc. These are just a few of many medical conditions and in addition to these, there are certain environmental and lifestyle factors as well that can contribute further to impair your reproductive system.

Infertility in men can be frustrating when trying to conceive and therefore, if you have been trying to get you partner (who is tested fertile) pregnant by having unprotected sex with her for over a year but have not been successful in your efforts as yet then you must get your reproductive health checked so that if the problem is diagnosed in you, you can look forward to undergoing fertility treatments to treat the issue.

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Fertility Tests

There are certain medical tests that can determine whether or not you are fertile enough to get your partner pregnant. It is important to get the tests done so that the results can help you better in deciding your next step. Meaning, if the tests are done at the right time and the result are negative, it will save you the constant trouble and anxiety of trying in vain and will lead you to a position where you can judge and adopt other ways to battle out the problem by consulting the issue with your doctor.

The good news however is that just as there are over-the-counter pregnancy tests available for women, men too can take such fertility tests comfortably at the convenience of their home and avoid the embarrassment of going to diagnostic centres. There are many such tests available, however choosing the one that is designed to understand the sensitivity of your case and thus provides you with correct and accurate results is important so that you don’t feel misguided. Therefore, considering this we here at sexualperformancetotal.com provide you with a productive and almost 97% accurate male fertility test, which can provide you with results in just about 15 minutes of time.

Treatments to Boost Male Fertility

In order to be able to successfully conceive, you should at all times keep your reproductive health maintained. Eating the right foods, keeping your body fit and shedding those extra pounds, quitting poor lifestyle choices that include smoking and over consumption of alcohol, etc. are certain important choices that you can make to support your reproductive health. What’s more, at our online store, we provide you with certain fertility treatments, essentially in the form of dietary supplements that can effectively improve your sperm count and motility.

Information on Fertility Problems in Men