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What is Native Remedies ProState Relief?

Do you struggle with weakened urine flow? Does the initial pushing and straining before urination makes you feel irritated? Is pain and inflammation a regular part of your life?

The formula named ProState Relief in the UK has been developed to help deal with these and several similar problems with a homeopathic blend. It is easy to take and available over the counter. Made without any colours or preservatives, ProState Relief can help to strengthen weak streams and make you feel more confident by relieving pain and that burning sensation.

How does it improve prostate health?

If you take Native Remedies ProState Relief in a therapeutic dosage, it can help improve prostate health with the help of herbal ingredients. Saw Palmetto is a usual ingredient in prostrate medication but this formula uses a special Sabal serrulata extract from saw palmetto to prevent continuous dissatisfaction with urination. It can also help with incontinence.

Conium maculatum provides you more control when urinating. Often men with prostate issues find it difficult to start and stop, that is precisely where this ingredient helps. It puts you in control, cutting down waiting time. Furthermore, Conium maculatum works on swollen prostate and helps to make the bladder walls thinner and less irritable. Cubeba relives pain and inflammation.

How should I take it?

We recommend 2 ProState Relief tablets every couple of hours until your symptoms reduce. After that, continue with the dosage three times a day for a week. Please check the product label for updated instructions.

Are there any side effects of taking Native Remedies ProState Relief?

It is a 100% homeopathic solution and should not cause any issues. Hundreds of men use it as an alternative to drug solutions for prostate problems.

Still you can go through the complete ingredient list to ensure there are risks of personal allergies.

Sabal (6C) HPUS, Clematis virg (6C) HPUS, Chimaphila umb (6C) HPUS Conicum (6C) HPUS, Cubeba (6C) HPUS, sucrose, magnesium stearate, Acacia gum, lactose and corn starch.

How to order?

Getting your order discreet and quickly with SexualPerformanceTotal is easy. Simply ‘Add to Basket’ and choose the delivery option that is most comfortable for you.