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natural penis enlargement techniques

The size of one's manhood is always a touchy subject. For many, if they feel they are lacking in that department, it may affect their confidence in the bedroom as they think it won't satisfy their partner or lead to them considering themselves less of a man. Many have tried, tested and failed when it comes to enlarging their penis size, but here are a few natural techniques you could try for size.

Before we talk of the natural techniques you could try, it is worth noting about the dangers of clamping. Many men have been rushed to hospital after they have tried to use a constricting device to restrict blood flow out of the penis. Whether it is an elastic band, cable clamp or a very small cock ring, the device is attached tightly and this has led to severe damage to the erectile tissue.

In regards to manual exercises, there are safer options. Jelqing is a physical practice that aims to naturally enlarge the penis by increasing circulation and blood pressure in the organ. The term stems from an Arabic word, meaning 'to milk', and it is easy to see why. The individual has to repeatedly stroke their penis from the base in a squeezing fashion; repeating this technique over a long period of time.

It is important to note that there has not been any major medical evidence that has proved how effective jelqing actually is. Various anecdotes will tell you different things but it is generally considered safer than any extreme methods that may only lead to pain, scars and the desensitisation of your penis.

The eye of the beholder

Often, penis size can be relative, depending on the individual seeing your penis. Rather than trying to actually change its size, you may want to make it 'appear' bigger through a variety of techniques. Trimming surrounding pubic hair and losing weight are great ways to make your existing penis seem larger, whilst some individuals consider circumcision. The latter will mean removing some of your foreskin, but this can often make the penis seem more prominent.

How large is large?

A large pool of data has been collected about how big exactly is 'big' when it comes to penis size. According to a number of studies and surveys, the average penis size is between five and seven inches when erect, and between three and five inches when flaccid. In terms of the penis' girth, the average size will be around 4.5 inches erect and 3.5 inches when flaccid.

These figures are of course not set in stone. How large is 'large' depends on individual opinion and psychology. It may be worth talking to your partner about your worries as they may be able to put your mind at rest. A recent survey proves this. Although 45 per cent of men say they would prefer a bigger penis, women are less concerned with size than you may think. Some 85 per cent of women are satisfied by the length and girth of their partner's pecker, a much higher figure than the 55 per cent of men who are content.

So next time you are looking in the mirror in woe, don't run towards extreme measures. Size up your options.